7 Period Symptoms You Should Never Assume Are "Normal"

Bustle - 06-06


For many of us, getting our periods is such an across-the-board miserable experience that we have a hard time categorizing any period symptoms as unusual. Spend enough years dealing with horrid-yet-"normal" period symptoms, like cramps and exhaustion that leave you laid up in bed for the day, and you'll start believing that any symptom short of your uterus jumping out of your body and delivering a monologue from Twelfth Night is "normal." But "abnormal" period symptoms do exist — and they're signs that your reproductive system is not doing business as usual. They shouldn't be blown off or chalked up to bad luck. As much as you may want to forget about your period's existence the second it is over, if you're experiencing any of the seven symptoms listed below, you should discuss them with your doctor.