Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Dannielynn, 12, Is All Grown-Up & Mirror Image Of Mom In New Glam Pics

Hollywood Life - 06-06


Dannielynn Birkhead looks more and more like her mom Anna Nicole Smith as she continues to grow up!. We can’t get over Dannielynn Birkhead, 12, and how much she looks like her mother, Anna Nicole Smith! The cute 12-year-old posed with her dad Larry, 46, in a pink floral dress and gold sandals for his latest Instagram post. Dannielynn smiled upon receiving Hamilton tickets from her dad, according to his caption. The young woman posed with her dad by wrapping her arm around him, holding up the tickets with him, then a solo shot of her excitedly showing the tickets and holding up a peace sign with her fingers.

Amanda Caldwell: 12 is not all grown up! and please darlin, don't go down the road your momma went down. prayers and wishes.

Cia Warrior: the daughter is pretty , the dad is doing a great job

Vickie Cunningham: 12 is not all grown up. she is a child still. Don't compare her to her Mom. Let her be herself.

WhatuSay: She is darling. Good job dad!

Not True: She looks just like her FATHER


Butterfly7088 - 11 days ago
I AGREE. All I see is Daddy DADDY!! Either way Dannilynn would be beautiful....and SHE IS BEAUTIFUL.
User from WI - 12 days ago
I think she looks very much like her Dad. Very pretty girl and very handsome Dad.
Heidi Duffy - 13 days ago
looks nothing like Anna....nothing but daddy!!!
Bea Love - 14 days ago
too bad her dad looks like a perv. I hope this child does not go down the horrible road that her mother did. She's actually much prettier than her mom
Paul Riebe - 14 days ago
get rid of the hat it doesn't look good. it's not the 40's
Judy Ward - 15 days ago
she's beautiful and Larry as been such a great dad he's done good by keeping her away from the media
Kathy Horsley - 15 days ago
I didn't believe Nicole was so. pretty. her clothes. and ECT.
Barbara Hayes - 16 days ago
Very cute girl I see similarities but not a mirror image
Minong Maniac - 18 days ago
She dresses like she is 8. Weird.
Deborough Morgan - 19 days ago
12 is hardly grown up . Leave this young girl alone and , dont be talking crap about her mother .
Francis Davison - 20 days ago
dont, start looking like her .
Debi Evans - 20 days ago
she looks nothing like her mother and let's hope she doesn't start acting like a tramp like from mother was
Jessica Marrero - 23 days ago
she looks like her dad
Melissa Anne - 24 days ago
Larry has been a real Dad to her and I highly doubt he sees Hollywood in her upcoming yrs.
4U2NVLISH - 26 days ago
User from NM - 28 days ago
She looks just like her dad not her mom
Marcia Walker - 29 days ago
You are beautiful young lady father doing a great job
Colleen Fareri - 29 days ago
all grown up...shes 12 ,,wth
sheryl simmons - 29 days ago
she looks like her daddy not her momma. people should stop glorifying people like her and elvis
Idalia Garcia - 30 days ago
She is still a child and stop making it look like she is all grown up. Let time take its cores. Let her enjoy her childhood. Still has a way before she becomes a young lady. Her father is done a great knob. God bless the child. 🙏
Kat Har - 06-17
At age 12, she is NOT a mirror image of her mother by any stretch! Plus, she looks like her dad anyway.
Cherie Kirby - 06-16
looks nothing like her mother
Dorothy Mcdaniel - 06-16
absolutely beautiful
Roxan Main - 06-15
She looks less and less like her mother!!!!!
Haneefah Moore - 06-14
Beautiful like her mommy💖💖💖💖💕
User from FL - 06-14
Hope she grows up respecting herself ...dresses like a lady and not trashy ...
User from PA - 06-13
As Gorgeous as her Mother!!!
Linda Butler - 06-13
Beautiful child. He seems to be a hands on dad. Hoping this child has a wonderful life
User from OH - 06-12
She is a Beautiful girl ! Please learn that your Mom and Brother took a wrong turn in life . And you can take the other turn . Stay clear of Drugs and live life to the fullest
Shanda James - 06-11
She's beautiful but sad she can't have her mama with her.