Three Must-See Acts This Week

San Francisco Weekly - 06-06


8 p.m., Saturday, June 8, at The Masonic. $37.50; Although the name Imogen Heap may not appear much in headlines, the visionary musician’s impact on modern pop music cannot be understated. Her presence can be heard in nearly every facet of the pop music atmosphere — sometimes, in surprising ways. The esteemed singer-songwriter has been musically active since she was a toddler, releasing her rock-tinged debut album I Megaphone in 1998. Collaborating with producer Guy Singsworth as Frou Frou, the duo released their sole album, Details, in 2002 to universal acclaim, and gave listeners a taste of the envelope-pushing pop music that would define Heap’s career in the years to come. Her sophomore solo album, 2005’s Speak For Yourself, would prove to be a true breakthrough, with singles like “Goodnight and Go” and the hypnotic “Hide & Seek” cementing Heap as a pop genius. Heap followed through in 2009 with her blissful third record, Ellipse, which earned her a Grammy for Best Engineered Album. Heap’s limitless passion for music technology has also made her a symbol of musical innovation: She’s the co-inventor of Mi.Mu gloves, an advanced wearable instrument that helps blur the line between composition and live performance. How fitting.