Cops: 18-year-old kidnapped woman in Clayton County, raped her in woods

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 06-06


An 18-year-old is accused of kidnapping a woman who was walking to a Clayton County bus stop before raping and robbing her in a nearby wooded area, authorities said. Thomas Bernard was arrested Wednesday night after the alleged rape, which took place that morning, the sheriff’s office said in a news release. — The woman was walking in the area of Flint River Road and Glenwoods Drive when deputies said she was kidnapped. Clayton County police assisted in Bernard’s arrest.

Olivia Thomas: tell him to tuck his lips in.


Stalkmy_pretty Ingram - 06-06
i just saw him at the Blood Plasma place Tuesday afternoon on Tara Blvd wow.
User from GA - 06-06
I’m sure he’ll get probation, rape or kill again and then blame the white man. Any person that does this at age 18, will be killing at 20. Lock him up for life. The girl was probably going to work while this thug was out looking for a victim . Clatyon Co is the new DK county.
Tony King - 06-06
bet he supports Bernie
Olivia Thomas - 06-06
tell him to tuck his lips in.