Newlywed Falls to Her Death While Recording Fight with Husband After Attending Baseball Game: Police

People - 06-05


A man has been charged with domestic assault after his wife of just two weeks died in a parking garage in St. Louis, Missouri, over the weekend. Allissa L. Jenkins née Martin, 27, was found dead by St. Louis police in the early hours of Sunday morning on a ramp in a parking garage close to Busch Stadium, where she and husband Bradley S. Jenkins, 30, attended the Cardinals baseball game against the Chicago Cubs the night prior.

Mike Baughman: ladies when a man smacks you when you're dating when he smacks you and you're engaged he's going to smack you and beat on you when you get married he's a spousal spousal abuser, a woman abuser, what do you think is going to do to your kids when you have kids.walk away from the low life piece of s*** and find somebody that won't be Tanya and will respect you and appreciate the s*** that you do for them guys that beat on women ain't nothing but pieces of s***

Linda Morgan: Yes it sounds like her husband did, after abusing her by Slapping her around! Please don't blame it on the ALCOHOL! He is a Grown Man! Excuses! Excuses! a person is DEAD!

Linda Morgan: We Never know that the Person who says they Love Us, will be the Person who kills Us! This something that should have never ever happened to this Young Lady! May she Rest in peace! and condolences to her Family!

Whizz~: So sad, Rest in Paradise to the young lady, and condolences to her family & friends.

Billie Hensiek: Yes...he should be charged with homicide. I hope they do. Real men will not hit a woman; ever.


Linda Carter - 18 days ago
That is a fact!
Rand Jooe - 18 days ago
pitiful pitiful.....
Barbara Mucha - 19 days ago
my husband has over 25 years sobriety and was physically abusive to me after 17 years of marriage, I finally left.
Roro Loffredo - 19 days ago
just so sad she was beautiful.... we live in very cruel world people killin there own baby n kids smh what is going on with these people just so dam sad 😥
Marabeth Reavis - 19 days ago
NotaSheep - 19 days ago
Peggy Mobley - 19 days ago
women getting abuse before they get married an still get marry like they going to stop abusing them just cause they got married it don't and it want stop
Riverfisher - 19 days ago
You gotta wonder...what did she do to deserve that? Bet it was that mouth of hers...😂
Andre Kennedy - 21 days ago
Steve Wilkinson - 23 days ago
You never ever know how a person changes once behind closed doors & away from the publics eye..
SalvadorJR - 24 days ago
It's so sad to see a young woman die in the hands of a brutal miserable criminal.The judge should have NOT given bail at all.Domestic violence is over taking our society.My condolences to the families of this young woman may she RIP
Tamrick - 24 days ago
those Cardinals fans are dangerous
User from TN - 25 days ago
Tom Thumb - 26 days ago
roid rage
User from FL - 26 days ago
Is that Ronny and Jen from MTV real world?
Gilbert Sanchez - 26 days ago
why is it that women end up with guys like this but will not leave them ?Are they afraid they will get hit more or do they feel this is way he shows love for her I know that's a stupid question but I just don't understand why so many beautiful young ladies are in such realationships
Cindy Curry - 26 days ago
If they hit you once it will continue
User from MO - 26 days ago
Can’t even read the whole story - your site is messed UP!! WAY too many ads as well! Waste of time
Gary Rogers - 27 days ago
it wasn't the alcohol, he was already a woman,beater.Just using alcohol ,for a crutch.
Britt Britt - 28 days ago
ßßßßßz xz pkp cry futurity futurity futurity futurity and I futurity to futurity
Andrew Hilburn - 28 days ago
Jeff Hood - 28 days ago
narrow minded .
Mike Wild - 28 days ago
Sad what happened to her but the guy needs to go away for the rest of his life.
Helen Helenson - 28 days ago
He lied.Guilty
Helen Helenson - 28 days ago
Yes charge him. smh
Anaria Crews - 28 days ago
it's a good show bt it will make marriage nt last another day or your bcuz the questions SHERRI ASK ITS DEEP N THEY MIGHT JUST SAY SOMETHING THAT WILL MANIPULATE THERE SPOUSE...SAD😪😪😪N ONE COUPLE GONNA IN A PLANE CRASH N DIED😪😪😪 ON THE
money bags - 30 days ago
she sure had purty lips, id do her
Donna Fisher - 30 days ago
Thank God they had that phone or he may have gotten away with it
Jamesleav Leavy - 06-21
Mike Meza - 06-20
she had low standards.