Man Accused of Chaining Woman to Bed, Locked in With 8-Year-Old Child

NECN - 06-05


A New Hampshire man is accused of chaining a woman to a bed and locking her and an 8-year-old boy in a room while he was at work. Michael Grant, 33, of Keene, was indicted regarding a May 9 incident at a residence in Swanzey, according to court documents.

Randi Schneider: WTF...NO kidnapping charges??


Blue Eagle - 28 days ago
what do they mean "it was unclear how and when the 2 were released?"did the authorities just walk out and leave them?😵😵it would only make sense that guy should be locked and chained up for a very long time!
Randi Schneider - 06-14
WTF...NO kidnapping charges??