Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby No 4? The Duchess Revealed She Wants Louis To Have A Playmate

The Cheat Sheet - 06-05


Kate Middleton recently had her third baby with Prince William, but inside sources claim the Duchess of Cambridge is looking to expand the royal family yet again. Middleton has not confirmed the reports that she wants baby number four, but there is good reason to believe that she is not done having children just yet. Here are all the reasons Middleton wants baby Louis to have a playmate.

Mindy Bradley Newton: Such negativity! I have 4 grown children. Two of ours have 5 children each, the other two, have 4 children. Not ONE of them has EVER received assistance. We live in rural Oklahoma if this tells you how difficult things can be. However our 3 boys have careers that 2 of our moms are stay at home moms. If God is number One in your home, you rely on ONLY Him, the Great I Am, life is better. Our faith is what sustains us all. Our children live in newer, better homes than us, which makes me so very proud. Positive vibes for all you angry, unhappy people.

Delois C: God is luv have many babies as u want God luck an bless with your husband an family


sea 3450: 4 is ok.

User from AR: If this is what they want...congratulation,,,


Jazzy Star - 16 days ago
let these married couples have many loving babies as they want they ain't got to ask none of y'all for nothing I applause these marriages if they love each other!!😍😍
P R Fitness ! - 16 days ago
Ginger N Draven Newman - 16 days ago
Simple life - 16 days ago
Hell , I'd have a house full too if I had nanny's ... kudos
User from WA - 06-19
As long as a entire country is funding your children’s wants, wishes and utter failures I guess this is acceptable for Brittanis😩🤬😩
Betty Jones - 06-19
Need to stop have babies.
Betsy Abraham - 06-19
I glad for you. beautiful lady
Lori Schryver - 06-18
I don't thing Kate is. She is 37 already.
Lynette Carter - 06-18
she need to stop she got enough kids
i ask 4 justice - 06-18
well congratulations let her have all the children she wants not every woman has the pleasure of having children and I really don't care how many kids she has I'm not the one supporting them or taking care of them
Marlene Andrade - 06-18
I can't even read half these post. Way to go Kate you remind me of your mother-in-law Princess Diana. Very beautiful and natural woman with a genuine heart to help people and children. Especially with your love of children. You have another baby If that is what you want. It is your life and your family's. You love your children like Diana did her boys and you have the grace of Diana.
Darianne Parker - 06-18
They getting busy
Brenda Ruffin - 06-18
That's the truth,JoAnne
Abel Hernandez - 06-18
wow she needs to get off her back
Lori Kahler - 06-17
she wanted more kids more money I think she the money hunger one I think 2 kid are all apple need when there gone a lot
JoAnne Eggli - 06-17
children are a blessing from the Lord ..I asking May God to bless you with four healthy babies...that's a good number ...take care of your health Kate..... Matthew 21:22Jeremiah 33:3babies don't make a man stay faithful..... only God can.I pray he's not like his nasty unfaithful father. My mom had six but two were miscarried ..but One day when it's my time for God to call me home to heaven. I get to meet them and my savior The Lord Jesus at last! and be with all my dear family who placed their faith in Christ ... forever!
Barbara Ann Monceaux - 06-17
You can see Prince William loves Kate that he cheated on her .You reporters will start anything for news.
Beverley Buchanan - 06-17
Too many kids do take a toll on you Body, people have to know when to stop having kids
Beverley Buchanan - 06-17
He has is Cousin Archie as His playmate Kate don't need to get Pregnant again
Candy Brown - 06-17
competition with Meagan 😁 can't touch that boo
User from FL - 06-17
The more the merrier lol
User from FL - 06-17
Omg Unbelievable!! I thought she’d stopped 👶👶👶👶
User from TX - 06-17
Yeah...both their dreams coming true....
Tia Guilmette - 06-16
Just another gossiping
Veronica Gay - 06-16
starving for attention.
Kathy Amundson - 06-16
the game of life lol
Tj Scalisi - 06-16
Nympho !!!
Dorothy Vallier - 06-15
Harry and meg will follow suite as well
Paula Folk - 06-14
Rose Hanbury to name names 🤣 Like father, like son!! Guess it doesn't matter how gorgeous Kate is, Charles cheated on the gorgeous, beloved, most photographed woman in the world and look who he cheated on Diana with 🤢🤮