Woman Who Called Michelle Obama 'Ape in Heels' Sentenced to Federal Prison for Embezzlement

Complex - 06-04


A West Virginia official who once called Michelle Obama an "ape in heels' has been convicted of defrauding a government agency. Per NBC News, Pamela Taylor, who served as the director of the Clay County Development Corporation, was found guilty of embezzling over $18,000 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. She will serve 10 months in federal prison and two months of house arrest, and is mandated to pay a $10,000 fine (she has already paid back the illegally obtained funds in restitution).

Richard Mcvey: at least she told the truth about moochelle

Olderiron: Worst First Lady ever !! An embarrassment to the United States!! Think folks ! Look behind the curtain!!!!

D Brown: So we have a person that was caught embezzling monies and Michelle Obama is in the headline. Her saying she was an ape is totally irrelevant to the crime she committed.

Ralphael T. Novella: you meal Michael Obama the tranny???....

Vanessa Cummings: They all hate on her 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️😱😬 yes she a very class young lady 😊😃🙋🏽‍♀️ we love ❤️ and support her amen 🙏🏻


Jerry Hendrick - 12 days ago
I still think she's and ape in heels I guess the 1st amendment doesnt apply to apes WTF
Robert Coffman - 16 days ago
Wow, look at all of out-of-the-closet racists, who have shown themselves! Thanks for letting us know who you are!
Robert Coffman - 16 days ago
Nothing new here, just more racist drooling from the uneducated bumpkins that by their language in this thread show how completely ignorant they are! Racists from WV and Kentucky are jealous that an African American female has more class and worldly views that they will never be able to comprehend!
Edward Estes - 17 days ago
She is a tranny
Ada Cordero - 17 days ago
Mrs Obama you are wonderful según For Pesident on USA Gdo Bless all your family
User from TN - 17 days ago
User from Mars - 17 days ago
Well what is she
Cindy Hildebrand - 17 days ago
how about the obamas line their pockets up with billions trillions
Alice No - 17 days ago
I never liked the Obamas but that was just really racist. it just makes the rest of us look bad.
James Rineholt - 17 days ago
Delicia McGill - 18 days ago
well melania the first stripper looks like a man also, so..
User from CA - 18 days ago
How about monkey in heels😂😂😂
Kevin Williams - 19 days ago
Well I bet she is looking at the mirror in prison right about now.
Grazing Gaffney - 22 days ago
so many of you must be living miserable lives filled with hate.
Marlene Lege - 22 days ago
Just practicing my freedom of Speech. Maybe you folks should get a life sounds like talking down on others is the only life y'all got
JJ johnson - 22 days ago
If anyone agrees to what she called First lady should join her in prison as well.
User from OK - 22 days ago
Under Obama some of you racists got a chance to use an indoor toilet with running water for the first time in your lives.
Dan Waldron - 22 days ago
Michelle Obama for 2024
Melissa Anne - 23 days ago
Chewbacca! !!😂😂😂😂
Bobby Lee - 23 days ago
I think the point of the article is if you criticize Michelle Obama they will look at you very closely and you better not have done anything wrong.
Harry Lucchesi - 23 days ago
truth hurts obbummer
User from AL - 23 days ago
The obamas should be in jail for theft of services
Miguel J Goldberg - 23 days ago
M O is a female impersonator
Jess Floyd - 23 days ago
While I didn't agree woth some of the policies of that administration, I am ashamed of all the just plain pillbilly comments about her looks on this feed. Shame on all of these racist remarks. Shame.
Shawn Jones - 23 days ago
Classic 😂
September Davis - 23 days ago
Some like to keep the world laughing
Kelly Westall - 23 days ago
wtf happen to freedom of speech
Stephanie Ward - 23 days ago
If the shoe fits hahaha! It’s amazing what chains those liberals can pull. Any government department or shall I say it like this...all the government departments are under the payroll of these liberal crooks.
Gordon Broske - 23 days ago
All the above are are not important by any means
susan newhouse - 23 days ago
The "most admired woman in America"??? Uhh, according to whom? This woman is a racist, who claimed she was never proud of America until her effeminate husband was elected President.