Hospital Kicks Out 800 Pound Patient After Nurse Catches What He’s Doing In His Bed

JumbleJoy - 06-04


Our health is very important which is why maintaining our body weight is essential. However, eating can be an addiction and this is more than just a hard habit to break. There are institutions who are supposed to help these people but sometimes, those whom you expect to lend you a helping hand can be heartless people who just want patients to be out of there as fast as possible, as long as they make enough money.

Valerie Hinds: i would believe this story if i didnt watch and follow for myself. this guy is the most arrogant and nastiest person I've ever blessed eyes on. please watch his story on TLC my 600lb life. smh

Roy McAlister: “Steven’s father fears that the hospital’s harsh and sudden decision would be Steven’s death sentence” No, Steven’s decisions are his own death sentence

Theresa Robitaille: this is old news, and this guy is trying to make himself famous on YouTube but I don't buy it. Personally I think he sucks.

User from CA: No sympathy here for anyone who clearly overstretches his luck! This man has no love or self respect for himself or anyone who tries to help him and he’ll get exactly what he deserves, cant help a man when he’s not willing to help his own self. Give him all the pizza he wants!

Howard Chrastil: I’m not even going to put a like on him. I don’t even like peoples being abused or nasty. I say away from them. There no way I gave him my time watching YouTube on him. More rating he gets more money? Good luck to him to lose his weights


Nancy Ashworth - 26 days ago
misspelled .its supposed to say needs to stay with it. praying that he will.
Marjorie Corcoran - 26 days ago
Why do they wait until they have hundreds of pounds to lose don’t make any sense
Cannon Dalton - 26 days ago
bla bla bla . his father is a drama queen. what did you do to make him a that way pop. you didn't help him.
Display name - 26 days ago
I believe this article all except for the last paragraph...nobody is gonna fall in genuine love with someone that is as mean and rude as this bully!!!!
The Unindicted Coconspirator - 26 days ago
Laura j - 26 days ago
man, it's a nice day out, I think I'm going to take my pit to the park!!!!😁
Tasha Michelle Farina - 26 days ago
jst looked it up
Tasha Michelle Farina - 26 days ago
he got married last year yall
Tasha Michelle Farina - 26 days ago
is he dead or not???
Tasha Michelle Farina - 26 days ago
this makes me sick GET a LIFE.
Beth Compagnone - 26 days ago
i believe he died in past year. RIP
Bob Cookson - 27 days ago
papa Gino anyone??
Andy Pandy - 27 days ago
Addict. Real stuff! SMH
Peggy Smith - 27 days ago
Good For him 👍👍
User from OH - 27 days ago
Don’t feel bad for him whatsoever. He knew the rules and he broke them.
carolyn devose - 27 days ago
the hospital was not heartless.did you see the TV series with Steven.he was obnoxious mean and hard headed..he was kicked out because he would not follow the doctors care plan..
Just saying... - 28 days ago
A man with an addictive personality. Pain killers and quite obviously food. The arrogance and mean spirited attitude is just part of the symptoms. Many people do not realize that the addiction itself is only a symptom. Just stopping is only good enough to clear the head and then life changing thinking must occur. Having a program that showed me how to live with more coping tools than most people I know, has made me a grateful recovering alcoholic. This man needs not only physical change but even more so emotional and spiritual change.
Michael Alan Duggan - 28 days ago
keep kicking him out. its time he eats his life away.
Denise calhoun - 28 days ago
Why would a person allow his or her body weight reach 500, 600, 700 pounds?.
Avenita Rafael - 28 days ago
just dump the FAT lard in the ocean with the other sperm whales 🐋 🐋
Avenita Rafael - 28 days ago
should burn the fat lard for oil to light up all of New York
User from NY - 28 days ago
A nurse doesn’t have the authority to kick a patient out the hospital but a doctor does!! I feel bad for the nurses that had to put his azz on a hover Matt and roll his fat azz to clean him—all the homeless and kids starving in America—then you have his obese azz—the US needs to get it together—oh wait...Did he eat us too??
Chrucifer - 28 days ago
uhh is he wearing a mou-mou? bwaaaa!
Cecelia Otey - 28 days ago
I watched the show and the way he treated all the staff and Dr. Now I would had kicked him out and that would have been the end but the doctor continue try to help him. the there was the care given that was helping him and kicked her out and claimed she was trying to take his tv . to make a long story short he was a very very nasty person
Beau Szumowicz - 28 days ago
Steven's been killing himself for years.. it's not a disease.. it's Carbs It's sugar it's shity foods.. the only disease is mental disease and lack of control an accountability for ones self..and who's payin these hospital bills?? be healthy,be accountable and stop bullshitting yourself..Steven!
User from TX - 28 days ago
He smells like pork rinds 🤢
Caroline Murphy - 28 days ago
Only in Amurica would you have shows like: my 600 pound life and teen mom. Ridiculous
Amanda Braun - 28 days ago
didn't he die recently?
You have the right 2b - 28 days ago
Nope no sympathy here. His arrogant attitude f-that. I would never cater to my child like his father. And playing a fool with they kicked me out. Your lucky they let you in. To begin with.
Kim Snipes - 29 days ago
He should GROW UP, Act like an adult and accept the consequences of his actions. That's called LIFE. Maybe there will be other chances. Quit the Drama Queen antics.