True Thompson, Stormi Webster and Chicago West Could Be Triplets In Kylie Jenner's New, Precious Photo

E! Online - 06-04


It's one strong and adorable gene pool. Last night, Kylie Jenner gifted us with the most precious series of photos which showed her daughter Stormi Webster alongside cousins True Thompson and Chicago West. The trio, sitting in mini chairs and dressed in light pink outfits, each clutched a stuffed baby shark because, well, doo doo doo doo there's no better kid's song.

Paula Ruelli Gunnings: beautiful babies but not triplets, just because they are all brown, I hate that generalization

Mindy Marckel: would be awesome if dream was also in the picture

Sandra Logan: they are blessed to have each other and they will be so close but they don't look alike. Chicago looks like Kim True looks like Tristan and Stormi looks like Kylie. Kylie is like Khloe and doesn't resemble Kris as much as their sisters.

Jackie Middleton: all 3 of them are beautiful babies

Leslie Brown: beautiful babies!!


Luz Carrasquillo - 17 days ago
Chicago West wins.
Ethel Beaudette - 19 days ago
❤Aphrodite❤ - 21 days ago
they look like regular babies to me!
Palmon - 22 days ago
they don't look alike ..white people swear we all look alike..
A.Nigger - 24 days ago
EVERYBODY knows those are chimps
User from CA - 24 days ago
I feel sorry for the kids...Call CPS
Dotty Hurrell - 25 days ago
There so freaking adorable & gorgeous, the only thing i dont like is the Toddles name, but that up to the parents, what next, meet my daughter shipwreck lol
Diane M Clark - 27 days ago
Ah. No!
60 and Sexy - 27 days ago
Three adorable little girls 💖
Herb's - 27 days ago
usually True is smiling in most of her photos.. first time I see her serious looking. Spitting image of her Daddy
Kat Har - 29 days ago
User from AZ - 29 days ago
They don’t look ANYTHING like triplets......
Cherish Theday - 29 days ago
True is soooo adorable! All of them are lil cuties but Baby True stole my heart.. I would love to get a hold of them chubby cheeks of hers.. #team true😍
Ellera Newman - 29 days ago
True's actual genealogy is showing...her feature look a lot more defined than the other two...of course she's 75% AA, so there's that. I don't care.. she's beautiful...but we can all see it.
Johnnie Kyle - 29 days ago
They R still beautiful black little girls
Johnnie Kyle - 29 days ago
beautiful black little girls
Nola13 - 29 days ago
Triplets? Absolutely Not ....Khloe's daughter doesnt look anything like the Kardashians ....and Kylie's daughter looks like her dad....Chi looks like her mom....definitely!!
Stephanie Hall - 30 days ago
Super cute triple cousins,friends and sisters for life....
Dorothy Pilos - 30 days ago
Wow True is really the cutest baby, she looks so sweet.
Tj Scalisi - 30 days ago
Debra Bond - 06-16
Well the one that's in the middle we all know that's khloe's child, and the one at the right end must be klyies child, and if that's kim's child chicago at the left because I wouldn't know her at all because her mother act like she didn't bring her to the world, way show her off. But Kim that is a sin to not let the world to see chicago and Palma as well just because you didn't give birth to them. Kids sences things like that and before you noticed it your children are going to have some problems with your older kids, and your younger kids, your kids are not going to get along at all ho.
User from IL - 06-06
I do agree with all of the comments that says they are beautiful.
Dawn Kubik - 06-05
Gorgeous!!!!! They are such beautiful little ladies ❤️
Kathryn Seymour - 06-05
These babies are so adorable 💕
Miss_ La'Nae - 06-05
Cute, but look nothing at all like triplets❗
Jackie Middleton - 06-05
all 3 of them are beautiful babies
Linda Ramsey - 06-05
Chicago and Stormy are so cute
Penny Higbee - 06-05
Beautiful lit’l girls, look just like their mommies, not hard to tell who belongs to who for sure! Girls definitely run in that family. No Kourtney children though! Maybe to old?
Mindy Marckel - 06-05
would be awesome if dream was also in the picture
Nola13 - 06-04
Chi is gorgeous!!!