Miley Cyrus Spreads Legs Open, Puts Banana In Front Of Crotch And Shows Off Sticky Body

The Inquisitr - 06-03


Miley Cyrus released her second EP, She Is Coming, last week and is thanking fans for their support in her own unique way. While thanking her “Smilers” for all their love, Cyrus attached an image to Instagram which has caught a lot of people’s attention. The “Can’t Be Tamed” songstress is lying down on the floor wearing a white crop top and a pair of jeans. She has her legs spread open and is posing with a banana with sprinkles on it. The banana appears to be half eaten as she places it over her crotch, giving the illusion that she’s implying the fruit symbolizes something else.

Holden McCrotch: and yet shes crying about getting groped, go the f away you pos

User from NJ: Her parents must be so proud that they have a pig for a daughter.

User from MA: She is just so nasty, no moral code what so ever!

Joseph A. Cappachione: What is wrong with Liam Hemsworth? How did he let himself get involved with someone so obviously devoid of any class?

Joy E Sivak: One sick puppy


User from TX - 13 days ago
It’s a shame she’s like this, she’s such a pretty gal! Hollywood ruins so many lives.
User from WV - 14 days ago
She is so nasty and disgusting Who would even want to see her
Blue Crystal Sky - 14 days ago
She has no shame. It's all about money and fame.
coolio - 14 days ago
I hope she gets aides
Turd Ferguson - 14 days ago
Congratulations Miley, you turned up the Skank Factor for millions of young girls to 11.
Edward Howell - 14 days ago
Crazy stars
widah watch - 15 days ago
miley is the pig of pigs
September Davis - 15 days ago
Humans at their best. Stupid comes in many forms.
Denise Lund - 15 days ago
Dont know why she has to be so raunchy!!!
drewid666 - 15 days ago
The banana called her and wants its peel back. Dat beotch is fukken gross.
Kathy Horsley - 15 days ago
she's disgusting what is she gonna do when that husband leaves her because of that? who wants a wife that shows her stuff. off. nasty.
Clark Brady - 15 days ago
Nice photo of her big mouth.
Mojo Celtica - 15 days ago
Sherry Cline - 15 days ago
why in the world. does she have a husband and does he not know she needs help.i have saw him and he could do much better.
Gary Hoffman - 15 days ago
People are calling her out. She's Bi-Polar, Dual Diagnosis. She's living on freak show Island.
Marie Brown - 15 days ago
well I think her family is embarrassed about her she need help more ways than one Society is embarrassed for her but that's what they do
Nick Hearn - 15 days ago
She needs to see a professional and soon. Doesn't she realize young girls see this and may get corrupted with this discusting behavior.
Sharon Metcalf - 15 days ago
Praying for your soul! You need God in your life.
Janice Lewis - 15 days ago’re disgusting and I don’t know why Dolly Parton doesn’t disown you and I’m sure your parents are very ashamed of you but don’t want to admit it...Is the fame and money really worth trashing yourself?
S Burnie - 16 days ago
The banana better get itself checked for STD’s.
Mike Ballard - 16 days ago
mirror mirror on the wall who's the biggest slutt of them all
Liz Soester - 16 days ago
What a shame that people allow this
Edmonia Antoine - 16 days ago
she a mess thought she grow up be be establish smart instead she no role model bye
Diane Medley - 16 days ago
Zero class.
CatLady CatLady - 16 days ago
Tony Rain Seduction Mckeller - 17 days ago
I would do Her Deep and Long
Jimmy Whitehead - 17 days ago
spoiled brat
Judy Graber - 17 days ago
Her parents must be very proud of this TRASH. Her money has made them rich , so I guess they don't care
Thomas Graves - 17 days ago
odviously she is not happy with herself........
User from FL - 18 days ago
She is so common. And she is acting like a w——. It pays to advertise.