State Refused To Hand Over $288 Million Prize To Family Who Won The Lottery

JumbleJoy - 06-03


Apparently, even the government engages in deceptive advertising. The state of Illinois has been battling bankruptcy for a long time, and it is having a lot of unintended effects on the citizens as well. One of the particularly unfair examples of this involves the lottery that is being run by the state.

Mike James: It's not called bankruptcy - it's called embezzlement.

Brian g: States broke but hey let's pay millions of dollars to illegal immigrants that come here and commit crimes. I bet that will solve the problem.

David Rance: The state owes them .... start at the top and grab all government employees pay until there’s enough to cover it, start with the governor and his staff and work your way down , disallow any further lottery sales in Illinois!!!

William Paul Smith: legalize weed to get your state out of bankruptcy

Stephen Delaney: I win the lottery and the state refuses to pay my winnings.. Be very careful some of us were trained to hunt combat trained killers and will have no problem coming after who refuses to pay..


Frances McGruder - 06-21
is sad state do that and making excuses why they can't pay off if you owe them I want they money
Johnna Harvard - 06-19
bs..shut it down! how can they keep making money off of raiding the people into thinking they could win..n was hen they do. wthhh
Lucinda Acosta - 06-18
Lies and empty promises?!? Republicans have alot of room to talk. Please!!!
Rose Simm - 06-17
They should not be able to be in the lottery if they can't pay out the money. it's not rocket science but then again it must be !!!
Juan Bomanglag - 06-17
delete all comments
Juan Bomanglag - 06-17
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Andre Boyce - 06-16
this should be resolved asap
Bob Phinney - 06-16
this article was written by a 6 year old.
Truth Serum - 06-16
Philip McClure - 06-16
i knew it was a blue state as soon as I saw the headline
Michelle Britt - 06-16
if they can collect the money from the lottery they should pay it out or shut the lottery in that state completely down,that's really stupid they can sell millions in tickets but not pay it out,,legal crooks
Martin Bearsley - 06-16
User from KY - 06-15
Patricia Faircloth - 06-15
if they know they can't pay out the winnings why do they even have a lottery and people are continuously buying tickets where is all that money going certain all that money being spent on tickets be in its own separate part or are they borrowing from the lottery to pay salaries and take vacations and stuff for themselves
Illinois, think that along with all their crooked politicians explains it all!
Danni Burchardi - 06-14
I am fed up with all this political bullshit. Oh it's all the Democrats fault. What the hell were you Republicans doing to keep an eye on things and prevent this from happening? Guess you were more focused on building the Great Wall of Mexico huh! Trump that!
Kimberly Vinson - 06-11
they say the state is bankrupt ok why the hell did lawmakers get a damn 1600. dollar raise for. so what's up Illinois stop stealing from the people time for this state to be divide then let Chicago do thier thing up there and we do ours down here
Scott Eichmann - 06-11
the state of Illinois is a joke
Metal Jacket - 06-11
keep voting for democrats , that is all you will get , lies and empty promises ..but youll have that hopeful good feeling like when you buy a lotto ticket and think about what you'll do if you win .. except that you will NEVER win because its a scam , its all lies , they know it , you know it , and yet you keep buying into it for that momentary good feeling that allows you to dream . (For you slower young libs, I wasn't talking just about that lotto.).
JJ johnson - 06-11
The states are never broken as long as money is being made as we speak from the Department of Treasury. And this is a fact every day as money is handed hand to hand they can sue the state for their winnings. And this is just more money 💲 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲to be collected.
Linda Davisd - 06-11
Why are they still playing the lottery in that state?? Where is the money that people play to win?? Where does this money goes?? Those people are being had just stop playing let their ass gm o broke. If you can't win why take those people money. Soon Chicago Illinois wont be on the map if they wont give those people their money.
Lawerence Webster - 06-11
That's b.s., then they need to stop taking peoples money. No wonder the crime rate is so high
gwen jokoh - 06-11
So sad give those people their money
Laura j - 06-11
where is ALL the money, isn't it held in, like an escrow account??? that's a little suspect ,maybe someone has " embezzled" the ticket sales income?????
stan armstrong - 06-11
One of the most corrupt if not the most corrupt states in the union. Ran by cronies for over 150 years. Gangsters,murderers,rapist,and homosexual perverts. Nice place to stay away from.
Jeremy Porter - 06-10
goverment needs to stop while there still ahead
Jeremy Porter - 06-10
its called pay who ever won it stop crying lol lol lol
John Semper - 06-10
is the 'state ' the USA or is it in China, Mexico, Iran ect, I thought the USA prints it's own currency, so why one state in the United states of America is without laughable
Hank Dug - 06-10
Been too Illinois once and I will never go back. That money is not the states money it’s the people’s money and it should be paid to the winner.
Darrell Habel - 06-10
politicians are running a Ponzi scheme.