His Wife Catches Him In Bed But Then Finds THIS Next To Him On The Mattress! WOW!

sun-gazing.com - 06-02


You may have seen some funny videos of people coming off anesthesia after dental surgery. They have given me quite a few laughs, but the one you are about to watch below takes the cake!

Justin Idjut: Packing tape? Seriously? Give the man some Gorilla tape!

Caldonia Lewis: So hilarious and sweet. thanks for sharing this video i needed to laugh. Laughter is better than medicine. take care of your hubby.πŸ˜†πŸ™πŸŒ·πŸ’œπŸ’žπŸ‘

Sweetie Medlin: Anesthesia or some dental meds seem to have odd effects on some people. The videos are hilarious. Thanks for being a great sport Bart πŸ‘ and letting your wife post this! (men are such babies πŸ˜‚ just laughing with you Bart!)

Joan S: Well at least it wasn't another women lol

Susan O. Pence: Just the thought of having a "procedure" at the Dentist stresses people! πŸ˜‘ Get well, Bart.


Shan - 06-18
Ha this is too funny
Ay Kay - 06-18
Everyone knows duct tape is used to keep your head on, not packing tape.
Taj Johnson - 06-18
Geraldine Williams - 06-18
very sad not funny hoping for fast recovery.
User from NY - 06-18
Chrucifer - 06-18
yoy guys are fkd up haha. poor dude "no one touches my tape cause i dont wana lose it"
Tom Leonard - 06-17
BS , I tell ya!
James Kinder Jr. - 06-17
User from CA - 06-17
So he was high high
Debra Marthaler - 06-16
lmao..don't think packing tape will help if your head falls off ..lmao ..ha ha ha !! so crazy what medication will do to you will make you do things to dont remember or do things you would never do !!
Sheri Lee Meece - 06-16
poor guy...anesthesia does some crazy stuff to ppl!
George Lamb - 06-15
Duck tape fixs everything, what so funny
MyAsteroidintoUranus - 06-15
William Uhrich - 06-15
he's got to be Mental 🀯
Brandon Carpenter - 06-15
Made it seem like she caught him cheating smh
Eric Gonzales - 06-15
πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ classic πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
Rowdy Ropp - 06-15
Thats funny right there!
Jennifer Roquemore - 06-15
that so hilarious big 🀣
Tim Smith - 06-14
that's one big beta
Cj Peters - 06-14
Francine Hughes - 06-14
Awe, poor Bart. Wife has good ammo when needed. Video Baby Bart.😁😁😁😁😁
Cheryl Jay - 06-14
Cheryl Jay - 06-14
Elsa Perez - 06-14
why is it always whites that act this way
Gennean Sherrie Williams-Shepherd - 06-14
Dennis Lynn - 06-14
Man I wish I would have got the meds this guy got when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Only thing I got was a day a loss of balance.
Donna Fisher - 06-14
these should be the commercials on TV for drugs..."This is you on drugs"... too funny, poor guy
Vicky Swycinsky - 06-14
LMFAO, What a baby! hahahaha
LSPARKER - 06-14
so funny anesthesia will do this to people
Shane Orr - 06-14