Another State Legalizes Marijuana Breaking Federal Law - 06-01


Another state has decided to break federal law legalizing Marijuana. Unlike recent states that have been primarily in the Western United states, this one is east of the great river.

edd s: Pot is Mother nature way of saying Hi

Julie Muir: This is good news. Laws dont stop pot smokers. THEY NEVER DID. I never thought i would live to see this day. I would rather see people smoke week then drink. There is no black outs, & insted of makeing people CRAZY, it mellows them out. They shuld have done this long ago. but there is alot of money in our jails. They didnt want to lise that.

Heather Cianflone: Every state needs it legal. Period.

Adam Alberson: Some seriously ignorant people out there hating on mother nature's best remedy.

Michael Paul Lavimodiere: #CongratsFromOregon


Michelle Black - 19 days ago
it needs to be legal every where I don't even smoke the stuff
Tate Redden - 19 days ago
I hope Indiana gets with the program, and legalizes recreational use of marijuana. It is a plant that helps people with, pain, seizures, anxiety, and much more. The use of alcohol is much more toxic then the use of marijuana.
dave mustaine - 20 days ago
the States need to take back state rights.
Paul Tate - 20 days ago
if federal laws can't be enforced what good are they anyway
Amanda Jordan - 24 days ago
Iowa I sure hope we are next to legalize.....
Sheila Hunt - 24 days ago
Maybe the murder rate will drop if everyone is mellow
Joseph Miller - 24 days ago
A lot of the people I knew back in the 60's and 70's who smoked pot are DEAD. But then....a lot of people I knew back in the 60's and 70's who ate tomatos are also dead. Go figger.
Dexter Winn - 24 days ago
Why this post say it’s breaking federal law if the federal government says they leave that decision to the state
Danita Poe - 25 days ago
Wisconsin we next fingers crossed
Markus - 26 days ago
Wisconsin doesn't want happy, healthy people. Not to mention piles of tax revenue! Evers just wants late night drunk meth heads
Ricky Gammons - 29 days ago
it needs to be legal everywhere it's not as bad as alcohol and you can buy it Damn people get a clue
Amanda Dawn Merritt - 30 days ago
it's healing more lives than taken lives. just look at Willie Nelson that man would be dead if it wasn't for marijuana
Glenda F Glover - 30 days ago
It also helps a older man go longer in bed. I think it makes sex a whole lot better myself and my husband quit taking that crap the Dr gave him he said at least with a couple puffs of marijuana he gets harder last longer and not get nauseous. Like President Trump said he’s just waiting for Congress and it looks like congress is ready to sign the bill Congress brought up the bill yesterday and was willing to pass it federally so by 2020 I’ll be legalized in all 50 States but I’m still not voting Eric Holcomb even though I’m republican cause he’s not for the people he’s just for himself the pharmaceutical companies are filling his pockets let’s face it he can smokes anytime he wants you can bet he’s the Governor he don’t give a crap about the couple that begged him to pass the medical marijuana bill that lost their child to a seizure heaven forbid he looses one of his children to an illness knowing there were something out there that could have save his child but it wasn’t legalized yet because of an asshole l
PEN1 - 30 days ago
alcohol is WAY worse
Krystin Smith - 06-20
Come on Indiana catch up!
Sherry Evans - 06-19
The dame Republican Governor here in Indiana doesn't understand that marijuana can help millions of people that have pain and suffering from chronic pain and illness that it could help with the the opioid epidemic Indiana would pass the bill if they would put it on the ballot for 2020 I believe
Gaynell Riley - 06-19
legalized pot should be I've iv seen booze much worce
Dave Blair - 06-19
weed is ok but spice got to go
Dave Blair - 06-19
the weed is fine but that fake shit got to go lol like spice
Reddog Burke - 06-19
legalize it
User from VA - 06-19
He makes you want to eat all the time and sleep , do you want to get fat, don’t you want to go to work, kills the brain cells
User from VA - 06-19
I hope not .
tjay - 06-19
u know it goes to show u how corrupt government politicians are. they cry about opiate epidemic but they legalize weed, omg. ok let's break this down. government will tax it the government will regulate and get the revenues. politicians will steal the money and sweetheart deals and licenses will b bought through payoffs. also drug addiction will skyline this is the first step for drug addition. you can fool some off the time but you cant fool me at all. Illinois is a corrupt state look who they produced outta there. watch folks how the politicians get richer from this weed legalization. funny all politicians are rich and millionaires. go figure that one out. lmao
Captain Awesome - 06-19
If I could testify?! I was crippled in 2002 breaking my back in multiple places and rupturing a couple of discs . I managed my pain with the help of my primary Doctor, taking OxyContin, morphine and Fentanyl patches and a hand full of others. After 8years I was dying from all the opioids. I then took a look at marijuana. I had spent my whole life condemning weed users and was %100 against it. Then out of desperation I began using CBD’s and thc, it didn’t stop my pain like some had told me, but it kept me from focusing on my pain.... my quality of life skyrocketed. My personality came rushing back!! I was addicted to opioids plane and simple!! It’s been 3 years without any pills and my life is BEAUTIFUL and full filing. Stay Awesome and keep it Kickass y’all!!
Betsy Maxwell - 06-19
Too much getting high on WEED, WILL only get u addicted to the weed.. Just picturing Everyone getting high and wasted.. What a waste.. What a life to live in.. and... it's only going to look just like CALIFORNIA... ZOMBIE LAND... LOL. .
Benny Wells - 06-19
I find it interesting that the federal government still imprisons people for marijuana but they don't mind collecting millions of dollars in taxes from the sales of legalized marijuana.
User from KY - 06-19
I know the pot that was smoked years ago is not the same as today. People lace their pot with other substances that makes pot dangerous now a days. And it also kills brain cells. I smoked pot in high school a lot and I never used other drugs because of pot usage. I believe it’s an individual’s personality that chooses to use other drugs.
John Harley bikers - 06-18
need to be leagal
Judy Kolodny Meyerhoff - 06-18
Congrats Illinois. Now I'm sorry I moved away just because of the weather. Will be back to visit more often lol
Anita Matthews-Hess - 06-18