Alex Rodriguez, ex-wife and Jennifer Lopez make nice at daughter’s school event

Mercury News - 05-31


Last the world heard, Alex Rodriguez and his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis, were engaged in a bitter child support battle over his desire to stop paying her a reported $115,000 a month because he was no longer earning $30 million a year as a New York Yankee.


Susan Solis - 06-01
money money money lopez her b/f the ex wife $50,000.....115,000... whatever the amount it's SAD they make so much fucken money that's crazy and lopez has NO right to open her big mouth it's not her business what the hell do you care lopez you make enough money to support all the feed all the babies in other countries omfg
Jerome Tobe - 05-31
they grown now
J BOY - 05-31
whatever get a life.