In 2019, Gilbert AZ Finally Gets Its Gun Club 82

junoindisorder - 06-03

By: Kathy Koewler

Gilberts newest indoor shooting range is targeted to open in late 2019 and will be located near Ray Road and San Tan Village Parkway. But what is catching many Gilbert residents off guard is the fact that this establishment will also include a rooftop bar and restaurant. But it is clearly not the first indoor shooting range in the Valley to create a safe environment that offers access to firearms and alcohol in a very controlled setting.

It Has Worked In The Past

The Scottsdale Gun Club has offered patrons the option to become a member of their Titanium Club which, along with other benefits, provides access to their lounge. And while C2 Tactical does not offer a lounge, it does give guests the option to rent their conference facility for private functions which can include alcohol after the shooting portion of the event is completed.

Safety First

In the case of Club 82, there are a great many processes in place to keep everyone in the facility safe. Not only are the areas which offer alcohol physically separated from the live fire areas, but guests are also electronically monitored. The electronic features are by far some of the most advanced and cutting edge in the area.

Strict Policies For Safety

When guests arrive at Club 82, they must register as a group which involves providing the facility with ID’s to be entered into their system. Once any member of the party orders a drink, the entire group is no longer allowed in the range area for 24 hours. This strict process is clearly the only way to be certain that drinks are not passed between party members, creating a dangerous situation for everyone in the facility. In addition, no firearms are permitted in the restaurant area or the rooftop lounge.

Family Friendly Entertainment

The goal of the owners and management at Club 82, is to provide a different feel and different experience than other shooting facilities in the area. The family-friendly range offers a live-fire range but also interactive shooting activities and a shooting motion analyzer, in addition to the social gathering spaces. But clearly, the main priority of the management is to provide a safe facility to all guests.

It is worth noting that guests are free to come to the restaurant area prior to shooting to enjoy a meal and relax. But should anyone in the party order alcohol, the entire group is prohibited from shooting until the following day. Gilbert’s Club 82 sounds like a great place to enjoy firearm related activities and entertainment in a very controlled and safe facility.