Man Who Put Up Daughter For Adoption 24 Years Ago Finds Out She’s Been Under His Nose This Whole Time

JumbleJoy - 05-30


Will Russell and his girl was pregnant with a baby girl. They were stoked to have the baby but the problem is, both of them are too young to be parents. There is no way that he would be able to care and provide for his daughter. Aside from that, he was also an alcoholic and knew that he was unfit for fatherly duties and responsibilities.

Maisha Smith: God is good

Angel Aura: I found my late husband's family for him. It took years, but he had his biological sister in his life for his last 6 months before he passed.

Joey Lewis: 9 biological siblings, holy crap Batman.

Mike Litoris: was this written by a 6th grader? grammar.....

Cathy Maestas: wow... Our Holy Father NEVER gives up on us...


Lorrie Marti - 06-20
this was an awesome story
Thomas Ramos - 06-18
very of luck to you
Dave Saenz - 06-17
These people are in dire need of birth control. Poverty starts with unwanted children you can't afford.
slash - 06-17
Steven Webb - 06-16
wow they been together all along and didn't know if, God is good Amen
Becky Zittle - 06-16
This makes my heart smile. God is good.
User from GA - 06-15
xxxalphaxstaticxxx - 06-15
so they worked in the same soup kitchen?
Beth Parrish - 06-14
God is amazing
Marilyn David - 06-14
HawaiianSzunZues Zu - 06-14
Amen to that
miller69 - 06-14
God is great and he is alsome 🤗😍😇😇😇😇😇😇
AngelK Xo - 06-14
That is the work of GOD 👍🏼👏 ❤💙💜
Christina M Douglas - 06-14
Jeffery Thompson - 06-13
great story yes God is real
Kathy Evans - 06-13
a winner is a looser who never quits. ask God to come into your life for guidance, strength, and enlightenment.
Kathy Evans - 06-13
so much happiness for the two of you. God does move mountains.
Priscilla Perez - 06-13
Praise God! God is good!
Minong Maniac - 06-13
Bet he hit on her all the time.
Michael Williams - 06-13
Sometimes some people must have it tuff in order to make them the type of person they should be in order to influence others who are feeling alone and see No way out !This story could help those who are wanting to commit suicide or even a crime 🙏🙏🙏
Patricia Holland - 06-13
Awww that's a great story for once with a positive ending💥
Pine Apple - 06-13
she is his twin 😊
Pine Apple - 06-13
I don't like happy ending 😭jk
Diana Watkins - 06-13
She said she searched for both biological parents, but nothing was mentioned about the mother!! I was glad to hear she had other siblings and there wasn't any hard feelings but where's mom?
User from NJ - 06-13
Amazing the life we live BUT God completes us just accept Him right where you are👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 full ⭕️
Areta Lynch - 06-13
God is good
Leah Morgan - 06-13
Beautiful story. I’m so happy for these two.
Joshua McCarty - 06-13
10 kids? Did he take care of any of them?
Elizabeth Hughes - 06-13
Beautiful one thing bout GOD he know when the time is right for everything and he want let you down
Guest Tupac Shakur - 06-13
I can never give up my child. but sometimes you have to think what's best for the child in the long run. my drug / alcoholic HOMELESS life style. or giving her a better home..once I divorced I haven't seen her since. I wonder if she volunteers at a soup kitchen?