Young Migrant Woman Found Dead 80 Miles Beyond Texas-Mexico Border

Breitbart - 05-30


Brooks County Sheriff’s Office deputies recovered the body of a young migrant woman who died while circumventing an inland Border Patrol checkpoint. The woman appeared to suffer chest pains before collapsing.

User from AZ: They are not migrants- they are ILLEGALS.

Moe: Although sad, this really should serve as a warning to migrants that the desert is no place to mess with. And the heat this time of year without water will get to you very fast.

Shady One: When did you they start showing the actual face of the deceased? Seems be kind of morbid and disrespectful to the victim. Photo identification could have been done in a different manner. Humans 😔

Brandy Colletti: A reminder that crossing the border illegally is very dangerous and can be deadly. Stay home - we are NOT responsible

User from CA: I agree Shady. I found showing her like this to be very disrespectful and unnecessary. No regard for human life or death.


Cynthia Garret - 18 days ago
They are fully aware of the risk its their decision rip you are now in your eternity resting place wherever Jehovah God decides you should belong
Mika Austin - 19 days ago
So not a legit asylum seeker presenting herself at the US Embassy in her country.Did not present herself at an official border crossing to an officer.Just plain old greedy cheating and sneaking.
User from CA - 19 days ago
So very sad, and really if we had a secure border there would be less deaths to mourn. What we have now is a political party in our country fighting to maintain a porous border and this is exactly what will continue to happen. Southern countries know our political chaos and are risking their lives AND the lives of their own children by choosing to be illegally smuggled in through dangerous territory and dangerous conditions. None of us would decide to take our innocent children through a multiple day trek through the hot desert, and def NOT with little or no supplies and have no survival skills. These people are putting their own lives in the hands of criminals AND paying them.... yes they live in poverty and want a better life, we get it, but their handing over their country to their very own corrupt politicians AND drug dealers without a fight, this needs to stop before THEY continue to put their own lives at risk along with that of their children. It’s America’s problem only when they step foot on our soil
Big901? - 19 days ago
Thats good i don't care at all what happens to Mexcans or there kids.
Janet Tedford - 19 days ago
red chilli - 19 days ago
so this is all going to be the border patrols fault 2 and the US citizens that this young lady died..
money bags - 19 days ago
good one less mouth to feed. throw her back in the rio
Monique Shontae - 19 days ago
Where is the RESPECT..?
User from MA - 20 days ago
They shouldn’t be crossing the border.. So shit happens and they know this could happen going in.. So they know there taking a risk of dying
sharon cisneros - 20 days ago
I've driven that road many times. Anyone who tries to cross it on foot is foolish in the extreme. If your car breaks down there, you are in serious danger, even with a cell phone, help can be an hour or more away. That's a long time in Texas heat.
Mika Austin - 21 days ago
So not looking for asylum.
al stephenson - 21 days ago
good to see some conceded people's over policies
User from TX - 21 days ago
Let Congressmen & women pick up the illegals drug tab after their healthcare benefits are cut off and they have to afford medical care like the rest of their constituents!!!
Brenda Freeman - 21 days ago
Gop this is on you for this
Ron Ledford - 21 days ago
an illegal alien dumped by illegal coyotes operating illegally in the USA with the help of democrats. - 21 days ago
humano33 - 21 days ago
too much hate
Bobbi Mizell - 21 days ago
I agree with you but I don't feel sorry for their death that's their fault they chose that route
Serry Wiltz - 21 days ago
I am saddened by the death of the father and daughter who died as well as this young woman. However I think illegally crossing the border has consequences. She was a young woman until the autopsy results are in we don't know what caused her death. It is possible that she had a communicable disease. I believe that the 1.5 billion dollars approved for migrants could be used to help with the humanitarian homeless crisis wr have in this country. Why would you spend money to reward people who are entering the country illegally. People who are straining our resources. People who don't try to assimilate. They want to come here fly their country's flag. As an American if I break the law I face consequences. These migrants break the law and are welcomed with open arms. The argument is they fleeing poverty seeking a better life. There are poor people who are US citizens spend the money on helping them.
Ethel Beaudette - 21 days ago
Benancia Rosario - 21 days ago
All under the Trump administration!
Teresa Guyton - 21 days ago
MALLEUS M. - 21 days ago
User from AR - 21 days ago
USA is not responsible/// come legally or stay out.
User from TX - 21 days ago
Great 👍🏻, I hope they stop this people for coming here
itsmePam - 22 days ago
I am totally against illegal entry into this country. That said, may she R.I.P. and prayers for her brother and any other family she may have.
Precious Woods - 22 days ago
Take this woman's picture down. This is heartless and disrespectful😠
Romeo Rivera - 22 days ago
not America's problem
Shelly Adele Peterson - 22 days ago
This is every day on the border let's live in the real world 400,000 murders 50ft from check point in the last 10 yrs.Ya the crisis was swept by Clintons filthy greedy gut power.Now The Real President is wiping up there messes.Pretty sad that Clinton's show there face in public.
Joel Copeland - 22 days ago
Can we see all the pictures of the people murdered by criminals that Bernie Sanders and Friends want to reinstate as voters?