GEPB cable, Internet rates rising

Glasgow Daily Times - 05-29


GLASGOW – Glasgow Electric Plant Board customers of cable television and/or Internet access will see increases to their bills soon after a unanimous vote by the utility's board of directors Tuesday.


User from KY - 05-30
Ronnie Pierce - 05-30
You are correct. More and more For Sales signs go up every day because people are tired of being messed with and people just can't afford to live here anymore. We are currently discussing moving out of this town too. Our bill in Bowling Green was never this high and we had twice the living space that we do now with better internet and we actually had cable tv. Here we only have internet and electric. It is ridiculous.
Ronnie Pierce - 05-30
So because there are new costs coming from cable tv we internet only customers ahould have our rates increased to help offset them? That seems really fair! And as far as the capital you've spent on getting our internet to us and recovering some of it, your internet is spotty at best and is very unreliable, So what is it exactly that you have done to make it better? People are moving out of Glasgow because of your company and many people buying homes won't even consider houses that are in your service area. Do you not see what you are doing to Glasgow?