Mom-of-two, 24, who was shot dead while holding her one-year-old baby 'used her body to shield the child from gunfire'

Daily Mail - 05-29


A 24-year-old mother died protecting her baby after two men fired into a group, hitting her in the torso as she shielded the one-year-old with her body, police say. Brittany Hill was holding the baby girl on the northwest side of Chicago on Tuesday morning when two men exited a silver Chevy Impala and opened fire into the group.

Trinity Star: Can this just stop pleeeaaassseee... I'm so glad the baby wasn't shot but still now two kids are without their mom for no good reason for the entire rest off their lives. Over what exactly, groups, clubs, gangs, whatever, retaliation, she should still be alive and that baby should have never been in danger, along with who ever was around at the time... it has to stop.

Lela Martin: May justice be served!!

User from TX: A mother will do all she can to protect their children. I would give my life for my kids.

Brenda Huff: Justice wont be able to give these babies their mother back.. so sad

Anthony Gaskins: she most definitely earned a place in heaven.


SalvadorJR - 27 days ago
RIP So sad to see a young mother loss her life...she shield her little one ..that's what parents do they shield their children.She is a Hero...Those criminals need to be brought to justice
Ebony Johnson - 27 days ago
Rest in peace💜🙏
Heather arnold - 28 days ago
rest in peace beautiful queen.
Shelly Starner - 28 days ago
a good example of why you should choose your company wisely... But then again it's Chicago is there any good company?
Taibe Morgan - 28 days ago
Trinity Star, I definitely agree that's so sad my deepest sympathy & condolences to the the family and sorry to hear such bad news
User from IN - 28 days ago
Condolences to the family is all that needs said. Think about the children
Kimberly Cochran - 29 days ago
thought Chicago banned guns. oh that is right just to the lawful a mother is dead and the children have no mother
George Macer - 30 days ago
De'Jhana Conway - 30 days ago
What an Awesome Mother!!!!!!
Nikki B - 30 days ago
God bless those sweet kids, they're without there beautiful mom. So young too be on there own without her 💔 Bless her soul and those babies of hers and all the innocent families living in terror there
joe g - 30 days ago
Win for civilized society.
William Mccrary - 30 days ago
you are my hero Pat beautiful child is definitely with Jesus and the Bible says a child shall lead them
User from VA - 06-16
Eddie Williamson - 06-16
another one bites the dust
Gwen Everett - 06-16
sad place in worlds people don't value life that kill a person who have a family for no reason
Mel Hicks - 06-16
now we have these precious children growing up without a mother it's so sad man. God please bless these children and bless these gangsters open their eyes to real-life peace and love. for whoever reads this I apologize for the cursing but it's it's pissing me off to see what America is coming... the same dudes that shot and killed this innocent mom they will blame the white man for all of their b******* and don't forget I'm black whatever flaws I had in my life I can't blame it on the white man because I did this s*** open your eyes people let's learn to love one another this is crazy man.
Wilma Scott - 06-16
Jackie Sherrets Seymore - 06-16
That is a real mom
Annette Margaret Blanco - 06-16
Brave mom!!!
User from MS - 06-15
Prayers for family
Jasmin McBride - 06-15
Brandon Dixon - 06-15
Brandon Dixon - 06-15
nya woods - 06-15
My gosh,when will people start to regard human life especially seeing a toddler present. I can't even fathom the family having to explain to her two children mommy isn't coming back! We as parents have to make wise choices, if someone there was the intended target, she clearly was at the wrong place at the wrong time..RIP, I pray those children have the wonderful upbringing they so deserve.
Ana Espola - 06-15
Prayers and condolences for the family❤
Juan Dalton - 06-15
Areta Lynch - 06-15
May justice be served!! Peace be still!
User from TN - 06-15
Guess this is what Donald Trump meant when he said make America Great Again!!! Because I promise since he’s been in the White House it’s been killing everyday with black ppl.. Not saying that this wasn’t happening beforehand but these ppl show no mercy now..
Norma Clark - 06-14
the best of the best,are leaving this world so soon,to the one's who done this,you Will never Rest or sleep again,your Life is over,you just ain't Dead yet!