Woman ‘burnt from inside out’ after severe reaction to medication pregnant with 'miracle' baby

Fox News - 05-29


Warned she would never conceive after being burned alive by a catastrophic reaction to epilepsy drugs, a young woman has revealed her joy at being just weeks away from giving birth to her miracle baby.

Jaxson Randi: wth

Alyssa J.: That is probably the worst sounding illness I have ever heard of! That is straight up terrifying! I'm so glad she is recovering and will have her baby boy to share the love. Please update us with her when the baby is born!

Kimberly van der Hoef: What a strong and determined young lady. I'm so thankful, that God gave her the willingness to fight and the want and need to live. What a wonderful blessing from him as well, that she was able to concieve a sweet little miracle boy. God bless her and keep her and her beautiful son. I pray she has no difficulties with delivery, and she lives a long and prosperous life. I'm absolutely amazed at her strength. She literally survived a living hell. That's one tough lady. 🙏❤🤰👶👣

Bob Johnson: WOW!!! GOD BLESS

Kat Vargas: This story is amazing and so.sad! She was definetly meant to be a mom and that lil man was meant to be here! congrats!! and thank you for being brave enough to share so other's can be aware! Best of wishes for this strong family❤❤💗


Lilia House - 24 days ago
That is so 😥 😥 😥 😥 sad
User from MI - 24 days ago
Only when I go to the Drs or get my hair done. Maybe once a year I go 200 miles to see my son.
Cindy Lu - 24 days ago
wow...maybe we should send this to addicts ... crocodile...or what ever does that to u to....most addicts don't live to tell their story...but if they did I imagine it would be something like this ...God bless...I have several cbd oils maku gives u the best bang acts like an anti inflammatory...no high....maybe will help
Beth Moncrief - 25 days ago
I was dx with sjs two years ago. I thank God that THE minute I saw the tiny rash on the inside of my wrist, I stopped the medication, which was Vacomyicin, a common antibiotic. And when I phoned my doctor they insisted I come into the office right away. I went blind in my right eye, and a few other things remain. But I realize how blessed I was and am. The pain was unimaginable. I was taken by ambulance to the burn unit. But my case didn't compare this girl. I pray her baby is healthy and she and her family have a wonderful life
Pain Killer - 25 days ago
wow I'm so happy for her!!!! may Allah continue to bless her and her family 😍❤️
Cathleen Mac Donald Pierucci - 25 days ago
I, too, had allergic reactions to both of these seizure medications. thank God it wasn't as bad as hers and thank God she pulled through and has a beautiful son to cherish! so glad she made it!
Delynn Sunn - 25 days ago
God Bless this amazing young woman
Boobie - 26 days ago
what is going on? smh
Ana Espola - 26 days ago
I couldn't even read the whole article without feeling so bad for this girl.
Gary Hoffman - 26 days ago
She must be thrilled to have a baby! Where's the uncle daddy?
Leslie Degnan - 26 days ago
I had a huge reaction to Lamictal, too. I had a full body rash. It took 3 rounds of steroids to get rid of it. Now that I see this, I feel quite lucky it didn't get that bad.
IM II-xKaos - 27 days ago
Omg poor lady ... I’m glad the baby is ok I hope u recover soon
Mary Self - 27 days ago
Sending a prayer that you get better quick a and your baby boy is good also 🙏🏻😟😟🙏🏻🙏🏻💐
Last Chance - 27 days ago
lamortigine. vegan to cause a burning rash on my leg. I was petrified knowing it could have been real bad. Thankfully I stopped the meduc8ne immediately and rash lingered several days but never worsened. This poor girl obviously was not as fortunate. Congratulatins to her for concieving. May Mom and Baby be healthy and happy.
Emerald Greenmountain - 30 days ago
Lamictal had me sick and out of work for 3 weeks. i was sick as a dog.
Diana Brown - 30 days ago
so do i dave i dont take anything i dont have 2
Lucinda Acosta - 06-12
I am 62 years old and have refused to take any pills but antibiotics all my life I don't trust big pharma. I only took antibiotics because I had to in my opinion. Doctors get mad at me.
Jaxson Randi - 06-10
Roshunda Famble - 06-10
my little sister was diagnosed with SJS when she was 16 hospitalized for 3 months and one week pulled though soo prayers to you and congratulations 🙏🙏🙏
Laurie Duso - 05-30
so sorry for all she has had to go threw, it sounds so horrible! But on the plus side, she has beat the odds and will be welcoming her little man soon.
uski59 - 05-30
OMG, want kind of insidious drug has man Invented, Ive never heard of such a horrendous reaction to a drug..... I wish I was a healer so I could stop her suffering.....🙏May God be with this family🙏
Ash.K.C - 05-30
big pharma is evil
User from WV - 05-30
Rachel Ramsey - 05-30
Looks like she's got one hell of a lawsuit here.I know I would be suing for everything they're worth.This poor girl is permantly damaged for life.Sending prayers for her
Colean Gowans - 05-30
you needed to thank God for bless you and your baby that all ill have to say
Bonnie Murray - 05-30
Justin Idjut - 05-30
Since she was burned from inside to out, I'm assuming they'll name the kid Damien.
Martha Martinez - 05-30
Hope she gets better soon
Nancy Bettencourt - 05-30
I can't imagine the pain!
Jill Curtin - 05-30
God Bless her. Stop abortion, it's murder.