Child Rape is Legal in America

Medium - 05-28


I recently read an article about an Idaho bill, led by Rep. Melissa Wintrow (D-Boise) that was killed in the House at the beginning of May. The bill would have made it illegal for children under age 16 in that state to marry without consent from the parents, the court and — wait for it — the child, before the marriage could take place. If a law has to stipulate that the child must give consent, I thought, does this imply that children in the 21st century do not have consent over whether or not to get married?


Travis Rolin - 06-18
it's time for Jesus to come back and clean house this can't keep going on bottom line
User from TX - 06-17
Demon rat Democrats what else can they come up with never mind I’m sure they’ll think of something and I see the Muslims are getting their way
Subaru Tech 107 - 06-16
Liberal sickos wish this story was true.