High school students film 'sickening' moment female teacher's aide sits on the lap of a teenage boy as she uses a computer

Daily Mail - 05-28


A Utah high school has launched an investigation after footage showed a female teacher's aide sitting on a male student's lap in class. Footage recorded by a student on Friday at Granger High School in West Valley City, shows a teacher's aide sitting on a male student’s lap as she uses a computer in the classroom.

Robert Maynard: I thought that's the way you're supposed to work a "lap" top?....what?....it's not?

Ray Payne: we live in a sensitive society where everyone makes a bigger deal out of everything. shut up and mind your own business nit a big deal.

Alice Whittaker: he probably, wouldn't get out of her seat

Joey Bosco: lmfao. are you kidding. big deal. wow its not that big of deal.

John giacomantonio: She is clearly sitting on the end of his lap. Most likely she asked him to get up and he wouldn't so she sat down. You can see that he's eating a bag of chips or something like that. As a teacher's aid should she of done that, No. But, kids will do anything to get teachers in trouble.


John Kozak - 06-20
So what 🤗
Gary Jackson - 06-20
Anything for story. Just stupid dirty laundry work here.
Mark Kvinta - 06-19
WTF is there to investigate, she sat on his lap. better get the FBI, State Police and forensics on it!
Todd Orr - 06-19
In today's society, parents are not teaching values. It was a bad decision on the Aides part, but there's no such thing as a higher standard! It's sad and unfortunate. If parents would be just that, a parent, they would still be teaching self respect and manners! In today's world the majority of kids are being taught to do whatever they want!
andrew udut - 06-19
Stephen Bash - 06-19
so what ??? give the teacher a break....
W J - 06-18
I'm sure it was a woman that didn't want to give her name that reported it and said it was sickening only a woman would say that
Sonia Montgomery - 06-18
Rhonda Busby-Davis - 06-18
BadAssBountyHunter - 06-18
boys getting to bang their hot teachers and now getting lap dances. Can i enroll in high school again.
Sonya Surfce - 06-18
get away from the kids you shouldn't be allowed around kids!!!!!!
Shemere LeBlanc - 06-17
why does everybody keep saying this teacher's aide is the same age as the high school student first of all the teachers aides teacher aides are older they've already graduated high school and in college trying to get accreditation to become a teacher you guys really need to educate yourself at the end of the day that sick no matter how it goes even if she wasn't same age as that boy she's still a teacher's aide she still being held at a higher standard there's no way that she should be sitting on that boy slapping a teacher at the end of the day should have did something about that regardless of the fact no no boy girl should be sitting on each other's lap in school. point blank That's not what you go to school for
Diana Rubio - 06-17
ok im seeing here some don't see it as a big deal but i have a boy and a girl and i wouldn't like they do this to my kids is just disrespectfull either if is a guy or a girl.it's just not right if it was a girl your daughter and the teacher does this would you be ok with it? i wouldn't even if that was it is still not right
Raw 2.0 - 06-16
I don't see a problem. Wtf is this world coming to.
Hbk HarBeK - 06-16
believe it was high school. student to student and NOT teacher to teacher. Teacher's "aid" is not teacher. It is a student receiving extra credit for helping work with other students. She liked the guy or she hoped to get him to like her either way. There's never been incident of paid tutors doing wrong things at someone's home right. Get a life people. Kids WILL be kids.
Mike Scarecrow Liles - 06-14
Hell if I was in school and a teachers aid sat on my life I would have been grinning ear to ear and would have a pop up tent in my pants. lol But sereously it was wrong. Most guys would say cool but then when it is turned around If a male teachers aid was sitting on a female students lap the epuld crucify him.
Doris H - 06-14
get rid of the trash...she better if she asked him to move or not that's not in the school code book. teachers are going way too far with fucking with kids.. the devil is busy reuniting with old family members.😜
Kai Allen - 06-13
From the men here whom say its not a big deal. what if this was a Male aide sitting on a Female lap? What if this was your child? this is an issue, no matter if they are the same age or grade.
Don Wood - 06-12
I'm sure the guy didn't mind.
User from FL - 06-12
What the he’ll Is she stupid ! Omg! That is so disrespectful ! I worked in the system 21 years and respected every child and always used a separate chair. This is not appropriate at all!
Chuck Wilson - 06-12
Looks clearly innocent.. Stop being so quick to think the worst. Such small minds. The videographer was probably someone who liked the student.
Catherine Rose Harris - 06-12
it was prob a jealous ex girlfriend or a chick that doesn't like the teacher, maybe she's failing her class!
Linda Samples - 06-11
use from fl & john hardy I agree! she sat on his knees not his lap. Not a good decision but not world stopping either!
James Boykin - 06-11
That is a teacher doing what it takes to keep the younger guys interested in school/learning.Thanks.
Johnnyrebinco - 06-11
not sickening. not ok. but not sickening
i ask 4 justice - 06-11
what is this woman thinking that is so disgusting they're just young kids she's a sexual predator they should put her in jail for doing that and keep her away from young kids
User from WI - 06-11
PEOPLE READ THE ENTIRE POST! She is the “teachers aide” she is the same age as the boy. It’s not a big freakin deal! This shouldn’t have made it in the news! It’s teenagers being teenagers! Don’t be so quick to judge. READ!!! THE!!! ENTIRE!!! POST!!! SNOWFLAKES!!!
Thomas Perry - 06-11
why do people always make things out more than what it is people always makes it about sexual things it's the people making a deal out of it thinking dirty thoughts
Dale Hansen - 06-11
What's the matter with you? words like you and are too difficult for you to spell out? and what is a " students Lao"? moletstion? pedifile? your comment gets saw? thinking you could have spent more time studying and less time being critical of others actions.
Ava Spencer - 06-10
Either way it’s inappropriate...