6-Month-Old Found Alive After Spending Days Alone With Her Parents' Dead Bodies

Cafemom - 05-28


It sounds like something out of a scary movie, and yet, according to Michigan State Police, it's sadly true. On Friday, shortly after a trooper was sent to Rodeway Inn in Whitehall Township, something disturbing was discovered. A 6-month-old baby, in dire need of medical attention, was found alone in a motel room -- alongside her parents' dead bodies.

Louandstacey Rigatti: I dont understand why hotel employees didnt hear this baby sooner

Rita Presley: what a sad story. it's heartbreaking πŸ’” young people throwing their lives away on them damn drugs. even sadder when they have babies involved. Prayers for the baby girl, that she fully recovers and someone who smothers her in hugs and i love you so that she will have a long and happy life with people who love her.πŸ™

April Stafford Staal: u know whoever wants to do drugs that's on them but for the love of god leave these poor babies out of it they didn't ask for it

Michael Graystone: WTF is wrong with the hotel staff? No one came to clean the room or heard the baby cry?

Wendy Gardner: I'll take the baby in!No drugs in my life, only love and care for the children.


Pj Jackson - 06-17
going to tell me that a 6 month old baby would not have been heard crying . and the housekeeper didnt check on the crying child. it a very said to hear that a. a child. had no one for three days
Joyce Macklin - 06-17
it's a dam shame drugs are more important than LIfe or self worth I am praying for this Baby and all the kids that go's through things like this be it any kind drugs.
User from MN - 06-17
We are having a baby girl today
Lisa Ogles - 05-31
God is good all the time I'm so happy that the baby girl is ok
Cindy McAllister - 05-30
She’s a beautiful baby
User from FL - 05-30
Prayers for that beautiful baby girl!! Love u
Kyra S - 05-30
Get this, i absolutely agree
Kyra S - 05-30
CPS nationwide gets involved where they shouldn't and neglects cases they should investigate. That entire entity is a joke.
Desiree Marie Bernert - 05-30
that , Cherry picker. I totally agree with you on that!! of course I would take my grandkids ...but not to just let them kick it with their friends or do drugs...I'd completely take my grandchildren away from their parents if all they wanted to do was be druggies or irresponsible people...not going to punish children for idiot irresponsible parents behavior...never...hugzzz
get this - 05-30
God is great
User from CA - 05-30
Where are the racists when you need them? No where to be found, exactly.
Desiree Marie Bernert - 05-30
oh Dear God!!! Damn those drugs!!! that poor baby!!!! I'm sad & sorry her parents are dead.. but to put a baby in the middle of your drug fueled mess is insane!! ....I pray this lil girl is safe & being cared for ...
cindy dillon - 05-30
to Eddie Moore; you are right I saw this coming before it got bad and will be worse . I don't understand pushing even more ppl not only young but veterans that have horrific injuries lost arms legs ECT. my gosh have a little common sense give these ppl there pain medicine back so they are not suffering their final days left. also seen increase in suicide so REALLY ARE THINGS BETTER NO!!
Dave Jackson - 05-30
We took care of five for a yr until our daughter got straight would do it again got one of them straight from hospital when she was born
Pat Griego - 05-30
children protective services suck.. a grandparent can report and report and not a damn thing is done by PS...trust me as a grandparent I know it too well..
Janet Baird - 05-30
What a tragedy I lost two grandchildren to foster care and later adopted to a beautiful family πŸ‘ͺ that loves them and has given them a life of love. joy and happiness for where they have a chance in life. my son is in prison and my daughter 4in law was on drugs at the time so I pray that little πŸ‘Ό angel πŸ‘Ό has a chance in life now. in Jesus's name AMEN.
User from MI - 05-30
Will all be forgotten and this sweetie will have a beautiful life!!!
rosalyn burns - 05-30
thank God baby survived
Kathleen Gooch - 05-29
I'm in tears 😭 just so very sad πŸ’” Dam drugs!!!
Sandra Sweat - 05-29
poor baby at least she won't remember anything
Rami Lucky - 05-29
it's sad when family leaving in motel or some where and family overdose you should family support location family like that drugs it's no feeling no Hart no life all that infect anyone kids let's someones have kids not the the drugs it's sadly life
Nicole Kriebel - 05-29
I'm pretty pissed at the parents myself.. However, I'm sure when they first started no one ever told them how "Deadly"it has become along with addicting.. Most junkies take too much and that's why they die..2 people dying at the same time just proves someone is cutting it with something LETHAL!! My very missed nephew and his fiance both were found dead after using and he was no fiend which proves the dealer is intentionally killing them..If drugs started out that way there would be no more junkies..
User from NY - 05-29
Sharon Feisthammel - 05-29
so very sad ... I hope the baby is ok and placed in a good environment........GOD DAMN DRUGS, THE DEALERS AND THE PEOPLE WHO CHOOSE TO USE THEM!!!
User from MA - 05-29
Poor little thing hopefully she will b adopted by a loving family and have a good life
Debbie Moore - 05-29
πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»for this beautiful baby that she gets the love and care she needs
Elaine Mitchell - 05-29
Not one comment about CPS, I believe it you receive a complaint, it should be investigated immediately
Cheryl Foster - 05-29
my condolences go out to the mother and father who passed away but thank God it was a miracle that somebody found the baby alive God bless the person or the people who found the baby y'all are definitely a lifesaver and an Angel also
Tina Marie Carrick - 05-28
I want to adopt this poor baby ❀️❀️❀️❀️
Woowoo Carter - 05-28
why did the hospital send this poor baby home with these drug addict pigs good thing they're dead