Landlord gets the shock of her life after tenant of 9 years leaves without informing

Mashable - 05-28


This is Natalie Ruangdet's house which she had rented out to a tenant for nine years. Through a Facebook post, Natalie revealed that when the tenant - a single woman - had approached her, she had appeared to be "a good person".

Paula Kotlarz: that's what u get when u neglect to do a walk through of the property annually!

Mike Patterson: As a landlord you have to check your property once in a while.

Daymen Scott: obviously the tenant has some very serious mental health issues and needs help. Too bad the landlord doesn't have any family info so she could call them and tell them what happened and possibly intervene and get this poor sick woman the help that she so desperately needs.

Karena M: this makes it bad for tenants who are really nice and those not bad but want to leave bad area for a nicer safer area

sucile jeffery: Wow! I guess the tenant never needed any repairs done.


James Nations - 22 days ago
to my knowledge the do not care about cleanliness and that is the result
Darlin - 22 days ago
landlords could very easily avoid things like this if they would put in the leases that first this is a 9 mos trial and after that if both parties are agreeable then they can decide if they want to move on with a one/two year lease...also every June and Jan there will be a walk through to check for any repairs that's needed to be done and cleanliness, and please please always check the references and ask for the last 5 and for 3 personal references...I know that this sounds mean but if you own property you as a landlord needs to make sure it's being taken care of...I have cleaned homes for 25+ years and some would be amazed at how some live and most of the time it's nothing more than just being lazy... although I have cleaned for a few that had health problems but they were never this bad... that is nothing but pure nastiness..
Harry Lucchesi - 23 days ago
it obvious that most of you dont own property let alone rental property. I owned a 68 unit apartment building for years. I built it. bottom line people are disrespectful and ruinous when it comes to other people's property. pigs. plane and simple
Xio Mora-Lopez - 23 days ago
what kind of reporting is this with profanity?not that I do not use it, but highly unprofessional.
Martinique Bennett - 23 days ago
I just can't get over how you could live in such filth! that's unimaginable
Patti Crawford - 23 days ago
make them buy the house. .Or you a new one. good luck. wow.
Tamara Lee Harding - 24 days ago
And how can you, as a landlord, rent a home to someone and not do regular surprise inspections of the home?
Linda Stern - 25 days ago
what dod it look like to start just saying.. lol
Bobbi Ochoa Martinez - 25 days ago
I did the same thing, rented my house out. I lived in a different state n every year they would send me pictures n come to find out they were the originals from the first year they moved in. then there aunt n boyfriends which I didn't find out till they left 40k worth of damage. my insurance agent said it happens all the time. they paid my 10k. you can't get management to take care if your house either. I see what they do to my next door house. so I sold all my houses. I'm done being a nice guy and getting screwed in the end.
Carlos P. Jr - 25 days ago
Every six months do a walk through, one year lease do a walk through. Protect your property protect your Wallet. 🤔
User from FL - 25 days ago
USA first for once - 25 days ago
so like where's the drain for shower. looks like it drained out to hallway. Black mold
User from NJ - 25 days ago
I have a question why haven’t you in 9 years visit your property? The tenant had issues with timely payments also🤔
Philip Meade - 25 days ago
perhaps the poor landlord is actually a greedy slum Lord , there all over the place ,and they put themselves above doing Godly things
proud Latino. - 25 days ago
This person belongs in a cage not an apartment 👎
Jessica beedee - 26 days ago
Wow! My landlord checks the house every 6 months👍...great landlord!
User from NH - 26 days ago
You could not smell anything????? 🤢
User from TX - 26 days ago
Thomas Graves - 26 days ago
probably. welfare tenant...
Judy Mahony - 26 days ago
Teachable moment: All sentences start with a capital letter. Your sentence "...taking too court..." should read "...taken to". "...brokering" should be " broken", "excepting" should read "expecting"...too many corrects still, please take a grammar/spelling class.
Rose Guthrie - 26 days ago
did you ever check on the house when she lived there?
Teresa Jacoby - 27 days ago
there are alot of landlords like this. they should be taking too court and throw away the key. charges should be put on this land lord. I was living in a trailer that electric wire,s hanging out on the walls and all electric plugs were out . the doors were leting cold air in the trailer. all the windows were brokering. blood all over the walls. this person treating my life , excepting me too clean up all that was wrong with the trailer. also trash all over the yard. I took pictures and I moved out right away. land lord should be check out there apartments or houses and trailers before there are allowed too rent out. the government should put a law on land lords . too stop renting too people. with these baded living conditions.
Jenny marie - 28 days ago
I dont understand how anyone can live in that type of condition. And i agree the landlord should always do checks of the property and home on a regular occasion. I feel sorry for the person she rented the next home from.
slash - 29 days ago
Cynthia Tennison - 29 days ago
You own the property you should walk through!! This is what happens when you dont check on your place!!
Sandra Henry - 30 days ago
Landlords NEED to have a walkthrough 2xyear because the house is RENTED and HAS an OWNER. You can't just pick up the check and expect that everything's fine - you need to MAKE SURE - because if you don't you can end up with something like THIS which basically destroys the structure of the house and is MORE costly.
User from NC - 06-14
I guess there was no monthly walk through for nine years? That’s really caring about your property 🙄
Kirby Mud Reyna - 06-14
thats why its hard for people rent house or apartment cause some people live nasty dont keep there place clean if they have dogs or cats same thing house smells nasty and people that are clean landlords think we're the same nope not everybody .
Terry Kindl - 06-14
from what my friends tell me that's what my ex-wife place looks like after a year without me there
Dan Waldron - 06-13
I have known Tennant's that have lived in a brand new apartment for 3 months and looks like it was lived in for 50 years by piglets and I have known Tennant's that have lived in the same unit for over 20 years and it's like they never moved in ! 1 a brain surgeon from upstate medical center in Syracuse NY , ( he was always in a suit and tie and drove a brand new Vet ( up until the last one was built ) and I literally had to replace everything from the cieling to the floors ( complete gut out and redo ) $ 45000.00 worth ! The other a woman who smoked a cartoon a day and drank her life to the grave , the woman who passed away left no trace of her living there ! Truth !