Little girl tries to take her own life after mom’s boyfriend gets her pregnant. The pedophile who raped her for years wants out of prison early - 05-27


An Indiana man who repeatedly raped his girlfriend’s young daughter is now claiming he got an unfair sentence after a judge gave him 160 years in prison, while the little girl he assaulted for years went through mental trauma so severe that she tried to take her own life.

Quenette Johnson: This is sad. Prayers for the girl and her baby !!! She should not have to do this at her age. The pedophile should stay locked up. The mother should never have kids again. She knew what was going on and did nothing about it. I don't know if 20 years for her is enough. She's just as guilty for allowing it to happen.

CRG9876abc: I hope this pedophile stays locked up with no possible release date!

LaLani Delk: There is a special place for pieces of shit like him. And the mother. She knew what was going on and she dropped the ball on that baby girl. Her life is going to be a struggle. Hope and pray that baby gets the help she needs to live a full life. Bless you baby girl 💔

Randal C. Ellis Jr.: What we “want” and what we “get” are on different ends of the spectrum sometimes. I “want” this guy dead. I “get” to rest easy knowing no sane person will ever allow him to experience freedom again.

Barbara LeDoux: Dont let him out! The little girl didn't get fair treatment from anyone. This scum bag and her mother should stay in prison.


Sherita Singleton - 21 days ago
I agree you do have men that prey on women with small children, women with low self esteem opinions if them self, but that is still not acceptable to allow any one to harm your child.
Joe Eliff - 21 days ago
Animals like that forfeit their rights!😠
Amanda Sterzick - 21 days ago
Mom should be serving 160 years too. What a betrayal! The one person supposed to protect you and she facilitated his access to her daughter!! No wonder why this poor girl is so depressed.
Christina Love - 21 days ago
mothers are supposed to protect our children especially our girls I know baby boys from boyfriends that are molesters single mothers need to stop loving these sexual molesters they'd rather pick their molesters boyfriend than their own kids
Rose Love - 21 days ago
both in jail, no trial, do not pass go!!! ther is no question, he say he got unfair sentence, if i were judge he would have gotten life!! that's the sentence he gave that little girl!
Loving Life - 22 days ago
First of all, why in the fuck did it take y'all 2 years to get some DNA back? That I would never understand.
Loving Life - 22 days ago
The mother should be locked up to
Rose Lane - 22 days ago
so sad
Christine Magelssen - 23 days ago
Kimberlee Koch - 23 days ago
This is so sad that the mother basically continue to give her to her boyfriend and now deal with having a baby! I think the boyfriend and the mother should rot in hell!! I don't think 20 years is enough time for the mother! She should have gotten 80 years! I think they should have to surve 50% of sentence before considered for parole! Just saying, they should really get as much mercy as they gave the young girl! God Bless her and the baby! I pray the Lord is taking care of them and they are both doing hard time! I pray for the girl and baby boy and they get the help they need and love and support from the foster family! Pray they are the living family they deserve!
Donna Clay - 23 days ago
That's So good they got him and that sorry so call mother pray the little will get the best life God can give her thank you God
Sarah Coapstick - 23 days ago
it's really sad that this child (13) has to take classes to learn to be a parent. She still needs to be a kid. 😞😔
*?* - 23 days ago
I just burst into tears reading this. She was failed by so many, Mom being the worst of the vile wretched monsters. Her job is to love, nurture, and PROTECT! I'm thoroughly repulsed. Here her daughter is at 13, proving to be a better mom than she ever was.
sofia ramos - 23 days ago
😭😭my heart goes to the little girl i hope the best for her
Sheila Marie Kwiatkowski - 23 days ago
The everlasting pain of this last a haunting lifetime Gid bless her.
Stephanie Winget - 24 days ago
that's crazy to do that to little girl pans the mum is just as guilty your right she should get put in jail....ಠ ೧ ಠ(ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■
Gillian Barrera - 24 days ago
i feel bad for the girl
Skeptical Male - 24 days ago
the prick shouldn't be allowed to challenge anything
User from WV - 24 days ago
Ah yes. I did not even have to look at the picture.
Kathleen Heinze - 24 days ago
Put Thrash in general population.
Jay Keene - 24 days ago
that mother should do the same amount of time as he does 260 yrs and do 100% of the time given, not 85%
Shirley Hutto - 25 days ago
keep him in prison FOREVER!!
User from OK - 25 days ago
Where is the electric chair
Michelle Bohlke Peterson - 25 days ago
very sad ..
Caldonia Lewis - 25 days ago
Pedophile's should be made to stand before a firing squard and let the citizens pull the trigger. How evil can a individual be? Children's are suffering at the hands of evil demons. Lord Have Mercy On The Children's!
latrice BODDIE - 25 days ago
so sad. she didn't have a childhood. my heart is so heavy for her. her mom nor her boyfriend shoukd never ever get out of jail - 25 days ago
my heart goes out to this little girl. I know one day God's going to heal her. the man is where he supposed to be lock up for life. I went through some of the same thing when I was young. Thanks be to God he heal me.
Mary Fralix Lanier - 25 days ago
I grew up with 2 out of 6 brothers and a cousin sexually assaulting me from around 4 or earlier until after I could have gotten pregnant. Thank GOD that didn't happen. My ability to keep my house in order is a joke. I can't imagine what this child's life is going to be like.🙏🙏🙏❗❓❗ My parents didn't know what was going on because kids normally try to keep secrets from parents which by the time I knew this was wrong I was afraid to tell my mom because I could hear her saying "Why didn't you tell me sooner?'' The only thing that saved me from doing harm to myself was my pets. I really I think that if she doesn't have any pets she should definitely be able to have some❗❗ I did not rescue animals they rescued me and they still do❗❗
Viola Jane Tutko - 25 days ago
Mary Cope - 26 days ago
Prayers for the sweet girl