Mom Bravely Shares Video of Her Daughter's Final Moments Before 1-Year-Old Donates Her Organs - 05-26


A mother in Iowa is sharing powerful footage of her 1-year-old daughter, who had been declared brain dead after contracting a virus, getting wheeled into organ donation surgery in an effort to stress the importance of the gift of life.

Debra Goodwin Reichhold: God bless you and your husband for giving other children a chance to live. Your daughter is a hero. She is happy and having fun and is healthy in Heaven with our father. Maybe she can find my 6 month old son.Bryan and be his friend. God bless.

Joanna White: Thank you for sharing your beautiful angel by allowing others to live through her. You are truly the meaning of selfless. Gone but not forgotten.

Donna Ramusack: God bless you for giving the “Gift of Life” to so many. As a recipient of a Heart and Kidney transplant, every day is precious.

daniel woodrum: Bless her heart and God bless the mother for being so strong

Dusty Goodrich: Bright Blessings to this little girl and her wonderful parents.


Amber Schlegel - 26 days ago
Danyell Tate - 26 days ago
Dana Stephens - 27 days ago
this was one of the most emotional videos I've seen but baby girl took her wings and is now flying higher than ever before.
User from TN - 28 days ago
Saw the video and bawled my eyes out. How awesome of them to donate her organs and since they did a 1 year boy got a new heart and chance at life. Absolutely beautiful and generous act.
Ginger N Draven Newman - 28 days ago
Am I the only one who would not be filming, but instead would be holding my baby??!!!! wth kind of society have we come to where, rather that want to comfort and hold a child, we want to film it so it can go on frickin facebook. They did not give this baby enough time to see if her brain would heal. Declared brain dead & took her off life support the next day. No way. Plus, she had a VIRUS that obviously shut down her organs; the brain being effected; were the organs REALLY safe to transplant. I know I will get hate filled replies from the pseudo enlightened, but I don't care. Nobody else on here has the guts to state the obvious questions in this particular situation, instead being lulled into complacency by the song Amazing Grace. This girl was not given a fighting chance.
David Sherman - 28 days ago
Your daughter lives!
Duval Wiggins - 28 days ago
Kelley Otto - 28 days ago
what a beautiful mother. donating her daughters organs. its heartbreaking but that little girl does continue to live on in others. maybe someday she can meet the recipients.
Darius Sandifort - 28 days ago
dammm😫😫 ... speckles
Diana Brown - 29 days ago
im so sorry 4 ur loss. that was a good thing u did helping out other children
Betty Fitch - 29 days ago
God Bless you all .
Nichole ROBINSON - 06-18
I typically don't follow the news anymore because is so distressing to watch or read. This happen to catch my eyes and I went straight to tears. My heart goes out to these parents. I've had the opportunity to work as a transplant nurse for a few years. It was one of the most rewarding experiences. I experienced the gift of seeing life given. I have shed tears for those who journey ended while they wait... This precious child has allowed others to live. Her parents gave a priceless gift.. To be absent in body is to present with the Lord.... God bless this family and pray for comfort and peace !!
Anita Fitzwater - 06-01
God help you all. Thank you for your generous gift to others. May you always have beautiful memories of Cora.
Kenneith Woods - 05-31
little angel lives on. god bless the family.
Stacey Keene - 05-30
love and prayers, and God Bless you for helping other children i know that was very difficult but, Hero's come in all shape's and size's and you and your beautiful daughter are for sure! #cancersucks ! I have made it clear to my family that my wishes are as my DL says I'm a donor! And can only hope as a mom if forced to make that decision I can be as brave as you! Lots of love and prayers, I'm truly sorry for your loss!
Dorothy Vallier - 05-29
hi Hillary - 05-28
Desiree Marie Bernert - 05-28
God Bless this lil Cora & her family & all the Doctors & nurses that tried to save her...truly heartbreaking...I cry ..can hardly type this...I've said goodbye to 2 of my grandbabies...the Gift of life shes left for 3 people to live...oh my !! She will always be with her parents in spirit & heart.& now in the babies & lady shes saved...God bless you baby Cora!!
Moses Medina - 05-28
I know its hard going threw what yall have had to go threw Looseing ur Baby so young....Im so sorry to hear about yalls Lose....Our Father in Heaven works things out ,that we cant understand but he does.U know that she is with him in his arms already smileing while at the same time hes giving a chance to another Child...Iv givin my life to God afther Iv seen his Powers..My little Sister Maria Got Cancer at age 4 and she fought it for years .At 16 she went in for a hart Transplant...A little girl who didnt make it ether gave my Sister a second chance of life...we wasnt givin the young girls name the parents kept her name silent...But she lived Longer with Us...My Mom passed away in 2001 from a Brain aneurism....To much stress I think it was with her haveing to deal with My Sister always in the hospital and the thoughts of looseing her and haveing to deal with 5 other kids at the same time..In 2011 I lost my Cuzzin who was my Brother to me Cause of Cancer..It stressed me out I was feeling very depressed and by
Marilyn Nale - 05-28
God Bless your family. what a hard but giving decision.
Keisha Brickhouse Reddick - 05-28
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 sending prayers of strength to you and your family. God bless your little angel.
Stephanie Schildt - 05-28
God bless you and your family. I know it isn't easy letting go of your child. I know the pain your in is hard right now and letting go isn't as easy as it sounds. I know your daughter is in a better place and is no longer suffering. May our Father watch over you and your family as you mourn the loss of your daughter.
Carol Graham - 05-28
God bless our little angel
User from NC - 05-28
Bless her heart
El feo.Peace. Love - 05-28
and humanity. world leaders worry about oil prices. how to kill each other.pathetic humanity. Children safety should be a priority. !!!
Jackie Sierra Aust - 05-28
rest in peace little angel 😇🥀😧.you have your little wings . playing in heaven we're there's only happiness Amen 🙏
Ruthann Brower - 05-28
she lives on through your courageous act of love. God be with you.
Rosemarie Pundsack - 05-27
Through many tears that streamed down my face, the love of God spoke to my heart & said that although we suffer our losses but He is with us only to comfort them & someday, tears of joy will come when we are reunited with our precious little babies again, To lie down to save another one's life is also written in the Bible. Now Cora is in the arms of Jesus. God Bless these parent's for my prayers are with you both.
Missy Tate - 05-27
That broke my heart ..God Bless this lil one and her awesome that through their heartbreak they helped 3 other people..GOD BLESS THEM..R.I.P. LIL ANGEL!!!
sofia ramos - 05-27
the mom is really strong I would've not been able to walk tht hall I would've felt very weak