HEROES: Imogen Heap

vmagazine.com - 05-25


Heroes featuring Imogen Heap first appears in V119, our Music Issue featuring Lizzo. V119 is available for sale!. "I don't know if I would ever listen to myself," says Imogen Heap. "I don't like much music with vocals. Too many words, too much music with vocals. Too many words, too much to think about." It's a surprising hypothesis given the immediate and lasting impact her orchestral, vocally layered pop had on many a millennial growing up. As both a solo artist and as half of electro twosome Frou Frou, her mellifluous voice appeared on notable mid-aughts soundtracks like those of The OC and Garden State, often deployed at some dramatic climax. As a result, Heap has become associated with crucial pop-cultural benchmarks - most notably in which OC heroine Marissa Cooper, played by Mischa Barton, fired a gun at her ex's violent brother. Cue "Hide and Seek."