How grandmother of four-year-old girl who died after repeatedly falling off a motorbike her drug-addled mother forced her to ride has learned to forgive the woman as she is released from prison after just four years

Daily Mail - 05-25


The grandmother of a toddler who died of head injuries from a motorbike accident said she has reconnected with one of the people responsible for the tragic death, her own daughter.

Mark Walksler: We are all responsible for each other. period.


Brenda Knight - 06-15
Omg! Unbelievable! 4Yrs for murder?
Tiana Bowers - 06-15
another failed system both of them should still be sitting in jail they tortured her to death
Carol Proctor - 06-15
4 years for a life wtf is wrong with these judges i believe it should be a life for a life
Mark Walksler - 05-27
We are all responsible for each other. period.
Allison Novak - 05-26
👹 adfrr try we