Girl, 9, is expelled from her $12,700-a-year private school 'because of her MOM, after she confronted teachers and staff who said she was lying about being bullied'

Daily Mail - 05-25


A nine-year-old California girl who complained about being bullied has been expelled from her private school but the founder claims it's all because her mother accosted teachers and students after staff failed to take action.

Glenn Sankoh: The founder of the school needs discipline. Every incident that occurred in all schools regarding bullies should be investigated by police. Some of those teachers don't give a damn when kids reports such to the teachers. Some assumes it as a child's play thing until it goes viral before school system realize how serious the situation is. That school must shut down for good. If the administrator thought she can get away with 12 attempts from the parents to discuss the issue was a joke, then she is a joke too.

Jesse Venson: Seems the school was trying to eliminate the girl and mom so they would not have to acknowledge they did not handle a situation properly. There is no way of that if the mother would have attacked the staff they would not have called police.

Shirley Williams: The parents need to sue the school and everyone connected to this case!

jhon mack: I bet the school was 90 percent white.. sounds like another case of blacks going where they not wanted .. black people just because you got as much or more Money as white folks you will never be seen as equal...white folks go put they kids in private school to get away from us and y'all go running after them..wake up

stacey Raye: I would do the same as this girls Mom if this for profit school didn't do anything to address the issue!


Jm Jm - 27 days ago
shame they are hiding a lot
Susie Penn - 27 days ago
they did it only one that was too much, these bullies will get theirs one day
Denise Braddock - 28 days ago
This school should be investigated
The Muckler - 28 days ago
She looks like Curious George...not a model 🐒
Gracie - 28 days ago
They didn't want their kid pulled out! What they wanted was justice within the school!Letting bullies continue to bully and throwing out the victim is what they did instead! Is that okay with you?"Ghetto lottery?" Really? Considering they have been paying specifically for this private school for their child's education I highly doubt the parents are looking for a pay out!
Trin Banks - 28 days ago
They was looking for any reason
Marilyn Hutchinson - 28 days ago
I would report my child been bully once,ad once only then I would pull them out of that school.I want leave my children I n somewhere they aren't been treated fairly!
Sandi Marston - 29 days ago
,sue the school an may God close the doors of this hateful establishment
Olderiron - 30 days ago
Bullying is not a joke !!! From what I’ve seen Some teachers see it as a right of passage.
Laura Anderson - 30 days ago
What does his Political preference have to do with this story? If you are suggesting that only Trump Supporters believe what he said, then you are very much mistaken. I am proud to say I am a Trump Supporter but find this guy's remark ludicrous.
Laura Anderson - 30 days ago
whenever a child says they are being BELIEVE THEM! This bullying Shit is getting out of control. The Schools only want to protect themselves. That sweet little girl deserved to have more then just her parents standing up for her. That School failed MISERABLY.
User from AL - 30 days ago
Thank you
marianne gayheart obuchowski - 06-16
yeah the answer to all. sue sue sue.. get over it and move on!!!
marianne gayheart obuchowski - 06-16
take into consideration that maybe this is blown out of proportion. children exaggerate and tend not to tell their involvement of so called bullying. Yes all incidents need to be investigated and if another child pulled her braids out isn't that criminal mischief..?? what has this victim done to others?? we need the whole story from ALL sides..
User from Mars - 06-16
Cut off her welfare
Lanette Dieter - 06-15
Why keep your child in a school that you pay for, if she's having problems..
Aimee - 06-14
Blah , Blah , Blah ....
cynthia roberts - 06-13
Why would you continue to send your child to a private school where they are being bullied? I am sure there are more private schools in the area.
rod runner be be - 06-13
And they wonder why there are school shootings. Look who been doing the school shootings. When the table is turned it's a different reaction.
Kathy Carlson - 06-13
you go momma bear! if they wont protect your daughter like they should be doing.. then you did right by standing up for your baby!
The Real Thing. - 06-13
And the results are?..... Yeah thought so.
Tyrone Knox - 06-13
your child out of that school if you find another school then that will change their mind. no student no money
Gordon Waite - 06-13
So the mom bullied the staff? Hmm... it’s a private school so, it’s not like they can’t expel a student when a parent goes all angry momma bear on their asses. This is a civil case. If she can convince, or provide a substantial retainer I am sure that there are Attorneys out there that will take her money. Oh yea, it’s a civil case because she and the school agreed to exchange money for services through the use of a signed instrument called a contract whereas both parties agree to certain rules and conditions.
ashlee - 06-13
u go mom 😀 !!!
kwame webb - 06-12
betcha those teachers children don't go to that school. it's time to start fucking bullies up they harass harm and mentally destroy good kids and when said kid comes to school with a ar15 people start wondering what made them do it. in a PC world we criticize racist, homophobics, and destroy their lives it's about time for these bullies to get the same treatment.
Alfred Judkins - 06-12
this is so sad, I think the school all to be held responsible.. young kids can be so mean sometimes, this is truly sad
Black moses - 06-12
they didn't want her attending that type of school in the first place so let's stop acting as if we really don't know the root of this incident
James Scott Ball - 06-12
"Maybe in time" the school said. Maybe every administrator who did nothing about the bullying, and took the money from the family, will meet with some good old fashioned parental justice, one the story cools down a little. Karma & whatnot!
rikeam henderson - 06-12
all schools seems to cover up for bully's but I'm wondering why now really why?
Denny Ross - 06-12
it does not matter if the child was black or white. This should not happen to any child !! PERIOD!!!!