Howard Stern says he has 'inside information' that Donald Trump's run for president was a publicity stunt to get a better deal for 'Apprentice' - 05-24


Popular radio host Howard Stern on Thursday said that Donald Trump ran for the 2016 presidency in hopes of getting a better deal from NBC for his show 'The Apprentice'.Stern said that he has inside information that confirms the Republican's motive for his White House run. He, however, did not name his source.

Dog Man: Howard Stern is a living publicity stunt why would anyone take him seriously

Ronald Love: Howard Stern is a burnt out druggie. No brain cells left. wow so Hes doing a great job at a job he didnt want¿ Just hold on to see the amazing things going to happen this time....cause He Wants It and Will Take It All The Way to Space and Back😁😂🤣👏👏👏👏👏💖#TRUMP2020!!!!BABE!!!!!

Policing4Profit: Howard Stern looks like a paedophile who plays with transgenders!

Becky Henderson Hall: lol, Howard Stern a joke!


charles riddlebarger - 15 days ago
both you can see what kind of crowd follows burnt out pervert stern. his ratings must be at an all time low ,needing publicity to stay on a washed up career on the air. only thing worse than him are the dummies who listen to him. duh my education came from Howard stern a a a duh duh yup
Cannon Dalton - 28 days ago
shock jock? Has been trying to get noticed. washed up, look at me, look at me.
Judith M. Suhr - 29 days ago
BS. He wanted to run for President long before that show existed.
Angel - 29 days ago
we would have ended up with a better president if magic 8 ball won.
Red State Liberal - 29 days ago
trump basically admitted as much on election night.
September Davis - 29 days ago
Give the man a comb for that wig
Ed Easley - 29 days ago
......And why would I believe anything from this guy?. Remind me I forgit
User from DE - 29 days ago
No... AOC should be impeached not President Trump
Eric Sapp - 29 days ago
Looking for RATINGS...FAKE
trouble maker - 30 days ago
Fart Man bad mouths Orange man.
Elizabeth Tremblay - 30 days ago
He reminds me of beauty and the beast with him the beauty.
Robert Carver - 30 days ago
don't put much faith in Howard Stern's opinion it's about like him it stinks
Trampas W Seamans - 30 days ago
i say no i think he done more than obama has every think
Jeremiah Ezra - 30 days ago
Some how CREDIABILITY and the name HOWARD STERNS are not very compatible.😳😀
Karen McIntyre - 06-21
Howard was just mad because he didnt get on Trumps trash show
User from GA - 06-21
Nobody listens to Stern
Hassan Mandela - 06-20
he didn't think he was going to win despite the things he was saying and doing.
Lisa G. Elliott - 06-20
Screw you Stern
brian nickel - 06-20
Stern is so Jealous....since I first heard of him in the late 80s....I just can't remember him ever going on his most deeply hated foe in W---NBCCCCC and adding to a political situation like this....I mean he made fun of people that did what he's doing....going on a book tour and not talking about the book.Howard has possibly become irrelevent in his own eyes and the shrink isn't helping. His statements overall just doesn'tmake sensebecause there was good things to say so it looks like a smear job.
Harley Capo - 06-20
Ok Howie
Violet Bopp - 06-20
Howard!!! Get back in your cage...
Fredrick Miller - 06-20
I want a shock jock job, I can make shit up too.
Janice Becker - 06-20
your right if Trump went to Canada with his Sec.of State and bought Uranium to give to Russia he would be in jail am i right!
User from AZ - 06-20
He is full of BS and this is fake.
Dennis Winters - 06-20
Of course he has no source. He is just another guy trying to be relevant. He is just a wannabe with no class.
Dmaria Engrod - 06-20
omg, anything to make a nickel, what a weirdo
User from AL - 06-20
Great stunt!!! Best president ever
Dale Hansen - 06-20
hmmm comment has been deleted by who?
Judy Nelson Perrell - 06-20
Howard Stern is such a negative person and a bigot.
Chelsea Perez - 06-20
Whatever 😂