Selena Gomez Announces her Marriage with Bill Murray - 05-24


Like the other shining stars, the sensational and talented Selena Gomez was also present at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. Interestingly, it was her debut at the fest and the lady feels extremely honored. The actress and singer was at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival to promote her movie ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ with Bill Murray.

michael durkin: who cares? fix Flints pipes!

Maria Carrion: this is a joke? right!

Edward Laboy: Her first time to the 72nd Cannes, Bill's 72nd time to Cannes.

gregory: fake news

Liloutie Sumra: .is she married him for his. money lol


User from MN - 30 days ago
They say hes hung like a horse
John Brinson - 06-20
Powell hope it works for both
IM II-xKaos - 06-20
She’s marrying that old man ??
Francie Vogt - 06-20
Silly - Silly + More Silly.
Nayla al asmar - 06-18
if she's not joking..congratulations 🤔🤔
Denise Olinger - 06-17
why should anyone care, it is their business,
User from CA - 06-17
Gross! No one thinks straight anymore!??
Ana Milligan - 06-15
give me a break! !!!
Vickie Blackwell - 06-13
another gold digger Elite
Connie Kepke - 06-13
Vaughn Robinson - 06-13
this is fake news
what’s up doc? - 06-13
What ever....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luna Solar - 06-13
lol is this a joke
Michellerose Sabour - 06-12
congratulations to you both.
User from TX - 06-12
This is just unbelievable. I don’t think this marriage will last long as they say until death do us apart. Best of luck o. This one, he’s a great actor but Wow!
ironbeagle - 06-12
if it's not way to go Bill!!
SalvadorJR - 06-12
Like every normal person she deserve to be ever after married.Congratulations you will be very rich do not listen to those jealous no bodies.
Stephanie Brookes - 06-12
Omg it was a joke people! Talk about taking everything literally.
James White - 06-12
Its true her and Bill are going to wed in a September wedding on Martha's Vineyard. Its all over the Canadian news.
Angie Martinez - 06-12
THIS definitely HAS TO BE A JOKE!!! He could be her grandfather!!! Not judging anybody that has married with a huge age gap, but this is a 2 or maybe 3 generation gap!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
User from TX - 06-12
Maria Lourdes Hernandez - 06-12
Sadly but She needs help
Gary Hoffman - 06-12
It would be great for both of them. She's a nutcase and Bill is a Samuri of the human condition.
Cheryl Conour - 06-11
Tylee Elizabeth Cottrell - 06-11
I don't think this is real but, if it is real more power to them... They both have money so I highly doubt shes gold digging that theory is out... their age difference is no one's business if they weren't famous no one would give af it's not like she's a child dang y'all
Debbie Marie Halsor - 06-11
daddy daddy I do
Thomas Graves - 06-11
she loves limp old men!!!
Ellen Tillery - 06-11
Ruth Lopez - 06-11
Is this part of a new movie 🎥Soon to come 🤔Selena marrying Bill 😱
Jesse Tomblin - 06-11
My money says it was a joke sparked by rumors on the internet about their interactions on set.