Stream The Gotobeds’ New Album ‘Debt Begins at 30’ via Brooklyn Vegan, A Full Week Before Release

Sub Pop Records - 05-23


Available worldwide May 31st on Sub Pop. On May 31st, The Gotobeds - Cary, TFP, Eli and Gavin - return to the fray with their third full length, Debt Begins at 30. The esprit de corps and anxiety-free joy that permeates their other LPs and EPs remains intact. The octane is high-test, the engine still has knocks and pings and the battery is overcharged. The Gotobeds - as Pittsburgh as it gets, the folk music of the Steel City - have more tar for us to swallow. Debt Begins at 30 is an old-fashioned blast furnace and the liquid iron flows. You can stream the band’s new record in its entirety now via Brooklyn Vegan. Click here to listen.