Florida Baby Dies After Being Forgotten in Her Daycare's Van for 5 Hours in 92-Degree Weather

People - 05-23


A grieving Florida mother is asking for help after her 4-month-old baby tragically died after being left in her daycare’s van for five hours. “Her life was abruptly ended after she was left in a child care van for hours. The team of doctors and nurses did everything in their power to save my beautiful baby girl but she couldn’t be revived,” Lancia Isaac wrote on Facebook, noting that her family was “in shambles” following the tragedy.

Chrystal Morrison: how can anybody forget an infant in the back seat

Sharon Jackson: I don't understand how this is still happening if you count the children going in.. you got 10 going in the you got 10 going out there shouldn't be no mistakes of a child left on the bus... go back in and look at the seats after everyone gets off do your job stop being lazy ,stop being in a rush these children don't have to die... if someone would just take your time and be patient and look for the children

CatLady CatLady: How can you forget about a baby? didn't you miss her, or at least look for her before it was too late. I don't t get it.

Brenda Long: Dear God, please take this beautiful innocent child into your kingdom and give the family the strength to heal from this in Jesus name amen. She will be an angel now Mom always watching over you.

Fran Reyes: my heart goes out to the mother, God grant you peace and tranquility throughout this tragedy🖤


Christina Rinaldi - 06-09
How is it even possible that someone would forget their child. it makes no sense to me at all.
Niecy Hands - 05-28
Sondra Mondragon - 05-28
poor baby. I'm so sorry for the baby girl and her momma. darn this is devastating and tragic.
David Vanderhoof - 05-27
Why was a 4 month old in daycare???
Lexi Burgamy - 05-27
my heart goes out to the momma and daughter❤❤ rest in peace beautiful❤❤😭 this is completely ridiculous
User from MI - 05-27
Omg that's in sane that
Luna Solar - 05-27
how do ppl not know by now this is fatal. what does it take so these daycares stop forgetting kids in vans buses sitting on kids to death. is it just more money or are these ppl not smart enough for this responsibility
User from FL - 05-27
Unbelievable what is wrong with people
Rosetta White - 05-26
this is getting out of hand, too many babies are being left in cars and vand vans. What's so hard about checking to make sure that the vehicles are empty before they go inside of a building. were losing too many of our children. This is a tragedy, my condolences goes out to the family I'm humbly sorry for there loss.
shoney - 05-26
so sad😭😭😭
Anita Darks - 05-26
Rip Angel
Teresa Tickel - 05-26
wow! again? it's Starting a tell
Doris Orvis - 05-26
What is hard about going through the van to check if it is empty?! I cannot understand this! Poor sweet girl.
human - 05-26
day care shouldn't even be a thing that's why you have 2 parents that's why u have 100 plus people in a family. but nobody want to sacrifice everybody claimed they are being oppressed if you ask them to stay home and raise the kids. you trust your legacy with strangers who most likely not certified or properly trained to even take care of kids not to mention you don't know what their background is so as a result this stuff happen. at let's be real this dude 56 driving a day care can for a living you really think he give a fuck? "well it's his job" working at McDonald's is a job to but 7 dollars and a quarter an hour is not enough for me to care if your order is wrong
RonChelle Tisdale - 05-26
I'm praying for this mother and her family.. can we say lawsuit.... how is it that u forget a child in a vehicle? There's something wrong with this picture... my heart goes out to the mother of forgotten baby, I pray u get justice.. keep u and u r family in my prayers
Donna Pierson - 05-26
This is so beyond sad and heart breaking,,,she is such a beautiful little girl,,,too heart breaking 😥😥😥
Katrina-Warren Manrow - 05-25
I smell a good lawsuit here and if it happened she deserves every penny. Sad that people are so damn neglectful. Shame on this man 😠 and prayers for the mother.
Sarah Keith - 05-25
how can anyone say that , " oh I forgot , or I didn't realize they were still in there . how the fuck do you forget about a precious , innocent angel in the back seat ? they need do be done the same way .like the Bible says , an eye for an eye !!!!!!!!!
User from AL - 05-25
I can not understand this there should be some way they would have to check off a list putting them in and taking them out God please help this family this is so devastating
Sarah Sessoms - 05-25
God Bless Y'all🌄🎆
CottonMouth West - 05-25
fuccin crazy...this happens more often than you'd think..that's why I think you should need a license to parent..smmfh
Shelby None - 05-25
🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏 For her Family's
Annette Collins - 05-25
My condolences to the family! RIP little one!
Granny Washington - 05-25
It was aaccident,in de black community we call it a “Baltimore Abortion “
Margarita Hope Leyva - 05-25
That van should of been checked before anyone went back inside the daycare center. Being a transporter for a daycare you know who you pick up daily, so how did they forget that baby? I Pray for that mother that lost her precious baby..
Veronica Slice - 05-25
it supposed to been two adults in the van exspecially if theres a infant one in the back and on in the front exspecially with was the infant first time go to this daycare
Veronica Slice - 05-25
the baby was still in the hot car nobody even attempted cpr on her .if they just took her out cpr something they let sit longer yeah that a big lawsuit
Veronica Slice - 05-25
the day care is responsible for your baby death they should pay sue there careless asses honey am so sorry for your lost i no how it feels lose a child i lost son last year 😂😂💋 m.I am still crying ..I gain myself back yet still grieveing . this so sad how could they do her like that . this so sad.
Laronda Majors - 05-25
User from LA - 05-25
Awwwww, what a beautiful angel! So sorry for your loss.