Former Obama And Clinton Official Found Dead Of Apparent ‘Suicide’ - 05-21


Another person with direct ties to Clinton and Obama has supposedly commited suicide, according to reports. Professor Alan Krueger was found dead in his home, according to Princeton Police.

Dale Powers: and another one bites the dust! I wonder what incrimidating evidence he was fixing to expose?

Lonnie Allen: And yet another mysterious suicide / murder from the Obama /Clinton crime syndicate. How many mystery suicide / murders does this make now?

William Egan: Funny how anyone associated with those two scandalous administrations has a habit of dying a horrible unexplained deathor suicide with a bullet hole in back of the head.Vince foster, Ron brown, etc

Jennifer Works: another one bites the dust, one more suicide? How many does that make hellery?

Matthew Duska: And now the page cannot be found. Even the mention of people who are friends with the Clinton’s committing suicide is somewhat suspect. How many is this now?


User from IL - 06-20
3 months ago
Debra Alexander Taylor - 06-20
Damn that makes 60 deaths surrounding Killary, and yes I have been keeping track.
Hîlary Terlouw - 06-19
Page not found BIG SURPRISE
oldman withAbow - 06-19
pretty dang coincidental don't you think KILLERY CLINTON , AND THATS WHY YOU DIDN'T WIN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN 2012 !
User from CA - 06-19
User from OH - 06-18
And the number continues to climb
User from NY - 06-18
Ya ever watch the series Scandal, very interesting and so can see the similarity to our government.
Rose Kinton - 06-18
6 govt officials13 reporters9 Inslaw scandal2 Arkla&Alltel scandal5 Mena Airport 26 Witnesses against them5 Attorneys 8 Fund Raisers for them34 Security Personal 6 political Adversaries And now this man. Only a blind person couldn't see what they do when someone goes against them or threatens to tell the truth about them.
User from CA - 06-18
Sounds like YET ANOTHER case of good ol Hilary Kilary...amazing how that doesn’t get any pres by the leftist media. Dozens connected to their party suddenly decide to commit suicide...what a koinkeedink!
Shirley Barnard Evans - 06-18
I find it odd that everyone that has any connection with Hillery Clinton are found dead even her own brother. Hillary Clinton doesn't care who it is as long as dead man can't talk.
Rose Kinton - 06-18
Go to for a complete list and cause of deaths for 114 people that were either murdered or committed suicide. 114 that would still b alive if they had never met the Clinton's. This even includes a family, father, mother and 3 children murdered because of their fathers connections to the Clinton's. There is even a new word called Arkanacide which means suicide or homicide not by traditional means but instead suicide by 2 bullets in the back of the head. This is another legacy of the Clinton's. This man probably took his own life because he knew that he was putting his families lives in danger by living.
what’s up doc? - 06-18
Surprise ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🙄🙄🙄😞😞😞😞
Joseph Broussard - 06-18
Killary alive an well
Mer Cal - 06-18
good now bring crazy Nancy and Governor loser newsome with you and all the Democrats lol 😆😆 😆
Steven Hannah - 06-18
Clinton and Obama related suicides and homicides . Someone knows something and they are not telling . I wonder when the real truth comes out .
thomas bedard - 06-18
very smart. This is how they won't get caught. kill everyone that knows something. I wonder who's next.
Tina Miller - 06-18
where was Hillary at the time?😳
Patrick J. Jessup - 06-18
The Justice Dept needs to do their job or be punished severely!!!
Allen Eldridge - 06-18
wonder if it's got anything to do with the Barr report coming out soon. seems there's been alot of suicides since Hillary lost.
Aaron Davis - 06-17
Connie Bowers-Coffey - 06-17
Democrats will soon face their crimes. all to see. Justice will prevail
Connie Bowers-Coffey - 06-17
What lies???
Pamela Grosnickle Little - 06-17
yes right
User from FL - 06-15
Wow, another Clinton “suicide”.
Mike Ballard - 06-13
another deep state MURDER DEMON RATS
User from MS - 06-12
It makes you wonder. What the heck have they done in the past
Mabel Clifton - 06-11
another Gop vhristianplAck of n bs
Marie Lane - 06-10
It will never stop!!! Sorry people everyone of them!!!
User from OH - 06-10
“Supposedly”. More dirt on Jezebel that they couldn’t dare let be released. How many “suicides” is this now for people close to the Clintons?
Terry Gloege - 06-10
When the Clinton murders are 1/100th the number of Trump lies I'll begin to view them with suspicion.