Sarah Goldberg’s Bravura Monologue Capped Off Her Emmy-Worthy Turn On ‘Barry’ Season 2

Decider - 05-22


When we first meet Sarah Goldberg’s Sally Reed on HBO’s Barry, she comes across as a stock character: the bubbly, self-involved wannabe actress, and love interest for Bill Hader’s brooding anti-hero title character. It’s a character that could easily be taken at face value; a foil who exists primarily to highlight the absurd contrast of Barry’s double life as an assassin and aspiring actor. But as the show progresses, and particularly over the course of the series’ brilliant second season, the character develops a nuance that reveals the tangled web of conflicting needs and desires that inform her careerist impulses. It’s not that the writers and Goldberg have subverted Sally – she is still very much a bubbly, involved wannabe actress – but have added several layers of shading that reveal her near-constant confusion in living a life built around seeking approval and attempting to control what other people think of her.