Baby ripped from his murdered mom's womb opens his eyes & looks at his dad - 05-22


Baby Yovanny Jardiel Lopez, who was ripped from his slain mother's womb, has opened his eyes. His mom, Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, was murdered in April, and her baby was cut from her in what authorities in Chicago are calling a fetal abduction. Now that the baby is back with his family and under medical care, his father Yovany Lopéz has been able to hold his baby in his arms. He watched little Yovanny Jardiel open his eyes for the first time.


User from NY - 06-14
This is awesome keep fighting little one god bless
User from CA - 06-01
Dios es grande y primero dios Tu bebe va a estar bien el Santo Divino Niño te le va dar su alivio ten mucha fè bendiciones para ti y Tu Familia 🙏
April Gardner - 05-30
this is a blessing
Linda Leach Fernandez - 05-27
How can people be so horrible? so sad for this family, but praising God that the baby was reunited with his father. There is too much mental sickness in this world!