Daughter Thinks She Gave Her Dad Herpes in Bathroom Mixup & 'Ruined' Her Parents' Marriage

Cafemom - 05-21


The Internet is losing its mind over one woman's story of a mistake that might have ended her parents' marriage. According to the anonymous daughter, she accidentally -- and unknowingly -- passed on herpes to her father without either of them realizing. What's worse is that it wasn't until months later that her dad broke out in a herpes rash on his face for the first time, causing her mom to think he was having an affair. After a few weeks of thinking her dad was possibly a cheating scumbag, she realized what might have happened -- and that it's completely her fault. But now she doesn't know if she should she fess up to causing the problem and risk letting her conservative parents know that she had premarital sex -- and it led to an STD.