Dad Is About To Walk His Daughter Down The Aisle. But When She Lifts Her Arm Everybody Is Stunned! - 05-21


We have all seen many videos from weddings that show something funny, clever, unexpected or extremely touching that gets shared online, and becomes viral on Facebook. I’ve seen many of the choreographed dances with father of the bride or mother of the groom.

Maryam Al Fayed: That was just beautiful!. I also had tears .... Beautiful!!!.


IM II-xKaos: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ she sings really good

Ann Jack Lambert: Beautiful just Beautiful

User from TN: She got a beautiful voice!


Toni66 - 06-18
Lovely! ❤
Lisa Moore - 06-18
Absolutely love this moment of her singing. So heart touching & beautiful.
Leslie Horner - 06-18
absolutely beautiful and perfect for their day of eternal love
User from TX - 06-17
Charlie Russell - 06-17
That was so AWESOME! You can tell that there is true LOVE here and Daddy is very happy on giving away his BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER! GOD BLESS THIS AWESOME COUPLE AND MAY THEY HAVE MANY LONG YEARS TOGETHER!
Sandra Threadgill - 06-16
Jett Singh - 06-16
Awww that was amazing!! Congratulations!!
Carri Adams - 06-16
wow, absolutely beautiful, made my heart swell
James Shade - 06-16
I like to think that I am a pretty tough guy but, I gotta tell you, this did in fact bring a tear to my eyes. we definitely need more of the love shown here!😍😘👍🤙
Virgie White - 06-14
wow this was amazing beautiful that shows how much love a person can have for one another
Tammy K Gautz - 06-14
Absolutely Brilliant N Beautiful
Wanda Spencer - 06-14
my goodness,that was amazing.
Andy McLean - 06-14
Wowser indeed she can!!
Shan - 06-14
This is the most beautiful thing I have seen !! Beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful!!
Rita Mckee - 06-14
Can't get the sound on ☹️ my phone!!! What is she singing??????
Tran White - 06-13
this is one of my favorite songs and this just added to its beautiful 💓
Tara Blue - 06-13
Cecil Lawrence - 06-13
beautiful just amazingly beautiful
Tc44 - 06-13
my first real smile of the day☺
Rosemary McManus - 06-13
That was amazingly beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.
Dennis Menace - 06-13
Nicely done 👍
Kia Ashrut - 06-12
I cried..but man she yanks that microphone away from her dad.. kinda rudely
Florie Jeske-Schlosser - 06-12
Absolutely beautiful! May God bless these two in all their years ahead!! 🙏
User from CA - 06-12
What to do with a blank, black screen ?
Amy Dorland - 06-12
so beautiful and very stunning
Bill Hicks - 06-11
WOW !!!! STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL, HEARTFELT.... Absolute LOVE ❤ now my eyes seem to have sprung a leak.
Mrarcivvv ad za. Abney - 06-11
there should b more beauty and love like this. so touched my heart
Nina Johnson - 06-11 beautiful...i cannot stop crying
Toni Barton Moore - 06-11
Wow! She doesn't seem nervous at all!
Ann Brown - 06-11
Beautiful beautiful she sing 🎤 her heart out