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Recognise Kate's latest dress? The Duchess of Kent, 86, wore it first

Hello Magazine - 05-21


The Duchess of Cambridge wowed at the Chelsea Flower Show with two appearances on Monday – slipping into smarter dress to welcome the Queen to her garden later in the evening. And while her choice of maxi dress came as no huge surprise – Kate is known to be a big fan of designer Erdem, like countless other royals – you may not have noticed that another member of the British royal family has worn the exact dress before! The Duchess of Kent in fact first wore it to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's royal wedding, memorably pairing it with trainers to stay comfy during the day.

User from AL: Anything Kate wears looks gorgeous

Edward Johnston Sr.: Kate always looks beautiful..


User from TN - 05-22
Duchess of Kent looks like hippo in that dress!!! Kate looks gorgeous as always! That dress in a size 22 is not becoming! Like pigs fighting under a blanket!
User from AL - 05-22
Anything Kate wears looks gorgeous
Phyllis Stevens - 05-22
that goes to show. thin and fat folks can wear the same dress. that's hilarious.
Edward Johnston Sr. - 05-21
Kate always looks beautiful..