Couple Finds Abandoned Cottage Hidden Deep In Woods And Opens Door To Find It ‘Frozen In Time’ - 05-20


Colin, aka the Bearded Explorer, is an urban explorer who stumbled upon an abandoned cottage deep in the woods. It was located down winding dirt roads blocked by fallen trees and debris. But this was no ordinary “hidden gem.”

Tony Holifield: I am a police officer. I was looking for a fugitive where there was an old home. I went in to search for him and the home was frozen like that except from the late 50s. Dishes were on the sink food was on the cubbard and Ice box, even a razor sitting on the sink. I caught the bad guy and l talked to some older neighbors and found out that a band director had been hired for the school. he went to work one day and died of a heart attack. They could never locate next of kin and apparently the house was forgotten. I finally got permission to go back with our museum coordinator to see if there was anything related to local history or at least photograph the house. The night before we were to go, someone burned it down( no power in home) Maybe it was the band director who didnt want his house messed with

Frito Bandito: it's not yours get out of it that's breaking and entering

Cristina Coleman: makes you wonder if any of the books may have been 1st edition sitting there waiting for the Earth to reclaim them.

Marsha Hammer: I'm not so would think that after 30yrs there would be much more dust build thinking maybe someone was there perhaps within 10yrs or so

John Wood: you know, it would be nice if the writer explained where in the hell this story is located.


Jenny Robbins - 06-19
dbswax r BPcdi u.ccu
Chris Kale - 06-19
whitey bulgers old home
Nicolle Stotenbur - 06-18
Greg Teufer - 06-17
a newspaper from 1993, black & white photos, sounds a little strange to me. what do you think.👽
Dennis Lynn - 06-17
You don't enter abandon homes. You don't know what's in there. It could be very unsafe.
Dorothy Barrena - 06-16
There are people who use to live off the Grid in Cabins in the woods as Young Adults, but as they got up in years they decided to go back to the Grid, some people have left their Cabin to Travelers needing a warm place to camp for a day or two
Dorothy Barrena - 06-16
This would be soo nice if the younger family members would come & reclaim this property. Refix the Cabin & even rent it out to traveling through families or something.
Henry Ezell - 06-16
just wondering if there might have been anything witch related,because of all the cat pictures.
Lezlie Crook - 06-09
Hehehe... if this is anything like your house,....... At least you have electricity or a generator to charge your phone, tablet, or computer,...Hehehe...hopefully anyone who would come poking around your "crazy hillbilly" house, could be able to see that someone was actually living there! Just saying......
Cathy Penny Spivey - 06-08
It awesome to see
Cathy Penny Spivey - 06-08
Love to see this
Luna Solar - 06-07
don't mess with hobbits
Judy Edgeworth - 06-06
OMG I hope you can find who the house belongs to they might have kin people that want it I know I would that amazing
Charlotte Wade - 06-06
Help! I'm in here and can't get OUT😥😒
acciddrip - 06-06
so we can walk up to what we think is abandoned and walk in? cool
Susan Kaye Orton - 06-06
hidden drug house
Brenda Meyer - 06-06
Bigfoot's house now.
Carri Adams - 06-06
I would think that is at the very least, criminal trespass. If it aint yours stay the hell out, curiosity is not worth getting shot by some crazy hillbilly
300 mag - 06-06
hetzel and greatal
Jennifer Robertson Smith - 06-06
I bet it was beautiful! I like things like this.
Michael Blackburn - 06-05
Salrachel Carducci - 06-05
amazing! Id love to look through things like this. Do Not Touch anything.. its seems to me bad juju to take whats NOT yours.Just explore maybe try some of that well water. 👌🐾
Tony Rain Seduction Mckeller - 06-05
I bet its all kind of Snakes around there
Hank Anderson - 06-05
what country what state what city what street I don't believe any of it
Sharon Dodson - 06-05
I love videos like this , I also have found houses were it look like the house was waiting for the owner to come back. I never did take or even move anything just looked and wonder.
Pietra Kaplan - 06-03
them are the gimes to fined and to see what the have to give up to ever fineds them
Laurel Pounders Brewster - 06-03
that's sad
raymond menendez - 05-31
a place for the ghost adventurers---
Deborah Oneal - 05-24
Looks to me the earth was going to reclaim house and all .
William Black - 05-22
that would be nice to find something like that