John Oliver: Meghan McCain Is “The Most Embarrassing Child of a Prominent Political Figure”

Vanity Fair - 05-20


Meghan McCain and her husband, The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech, might have a new least-favorite late-night host: John Oliver. For those who may have forgotten McCain’s first late-night beef: earlier this month, the View host appeared on NBC’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers gently grilled her about her repeated attempts to link comments from Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to mass shootings. Evidently, McCain could not stand even mild heat, eventually asking Meyers, “Are you her publicist?” Domenech was even more incensed. In a series of apoplectic tweets, he called Meyers a “cuck” and wrote, “I see that @sethmeyers, the untalented piece of shit who only has his job because he regularly gargled Lorne Michaels’ balls, went after my wife tonight with his idiotic anti-Semitic bullshit.” The meltdown quickly went viral; Domenech has since deleted the tweets.