Farm workers abducted teenager and filmed themselves gang raping her in car park

mirror - 05-20


Five Romanian farm workers have been jailed for the gang rape of a teenager. The victim was abducted from outside a nightclub and taken to a remote car park where the group each took turns to rape her.

MARK ROBINSON: no jail turn them over to the family of that girl


Christina Michaels: pinche pendejos... animales grosseros.. matan los

Kyle Wipf: This is why I believe in capital punishment.

Missy Tate: and DEPORT them..hope they get THEIRS IN JAIL..Prayers for her n her family!!


William Craft - 06-16
have all of you had enough with diversity yet?
Sandy Gail F - 06-15
prob because it did say Jersey and people skip thru
J Franklin Sanford - 06-14
Place them in Prison with the Big'Ole Boys for Life!
Jess Lynn - 06-14
10 years .. that's it... lick these sick people up.. Don't let them out... all the parents killing their kids.. lick them sick fucks up as well
Lorraine Kingma - 06-14
you know different, if you don't by now, it is too late for you.
Dolores Hernandez - 06-14
User from KY - 06-14
They ALL should be deported
Annette Marie Johnson - 06-13
What animals. Sickening... 🤔
Lisa Wilkinson - 06-12
I think this is sick I don't know what they're thinking in their head they are sick who could do that to somebody has happened to me I was riding my bike and two people and Buffalo New York if I'm out of state they tried to snatch me in a truck but they couldn't get me cuz I thought and they drove off super fast
Charles Draper - 06-12
cracks me up how people think this was in america shows you didnt read the article very well its overseas not in the state do all those republicans and democrats making it about them is completely stupid know youre facts people and stop assuming
User from VA - 06-12
They should be extradited out of here like they do all illegals who commit felonies
Bradley Gibson - 06-11
Trump and his Republican buddies let the illegals in that's why we have this problem
Avenita Rafael - 06-11
they are trump supporters
Teresa Blankenship - 06-11
I wouldn't take vengeance against any one of them, their not worth that! Just hand them over to God!!!
im a piss on you - 06-11
ropes are cheap and reusable.
Darrell Pittman - 06-10
hang each one of them by thier balls from a tree and let them stay there till the buzzards finish them off. This is justice done right by these worthless Romanians.
S.Sunny - 06-10
Nothing less than 20 years without parole and being deported upon release is right.
Pierce Amos - 06-10
I see any of these cowards I'll make sure the last thing they saw was a hot metal rod going into their eye sockets. really 12 years for rapping someone why not 20years?
Mika Austin - 06-07
Importing the best.
Lou Sear - 05-23
Brought to you by the Democrat voters.
Geri Rachal - 05-23
deserve more than10 yrs
?maple. - 05-23
cut their n--s off and then deport them. What is their business here. It certainly wasn't to become a good citizen. Assh---s.
Anthony Singleton - 05-23
' Book each one separate rooms for life without windows " 🚔
get over it - 05-23
put them in the ocean 5 miles out in shark infested waters, simple
Sherrif Brown - 05-23
ELECTRIC CHAIR for all 5 of these animals.
Steve Davidson - 05-22
Thank a Democrat.
Edward Littlefield - 05-22
castration is a pure and clean gene pool's best friend!
Paul Myers - 05-22
Only 10 years? Only have to register for 12 years? They should have to register for life ! Also what was the teenager doing inside a bar and smoking outside as well. Clearly this poor teenager was definitely in the wrong place pretending to be older than she was. That's so sad, who didn't want to go to a bar before they were 21? I know I did. But this isnt her fault ! If any of you are teenagers or women who read this, definitely never go to a bar alone, always stay with your friends even to the bathroom, never leave the bar with someone other than your friends. If you meet a guy get his number and contact him the next day or so. Never trust anyone you don't truly know. God bless this girl, her whole future was stolen from her.
Brenda Smith - 05-22
and like I said the gels in the prison is not good enough for them they need be done that way they get three meals a day they get a bath when they want to eat when they want to go outside when they want they have cards games TV they don't deserve none of that in a taxpayer's need to be to quit stop paying tax papers stop paying for these dumbasses in jail and prison that's killing in hurting people in children and like I said that's what we need to do
Brenda Smith - 05-22
where are the three men that done that to that little girl should be taking in the woods and stripped down all three of them put them in the tree and taking time up with the big rope in the tree and then after they do that and it room vaping bacon grease all over there but it body and hand grease all over the body take their mouth up take their head up so they can't fall take him into the deep as far as you can and let the predators eat the body but I'm in 2 days the flesh will be gone only thing I'll be standing is her bones they don't deserve to be in jail these kind of people don't need to go to jail or prison it's too good for him