Prince Charles May ‘Divorce’ Camilla After He’s Crowned King For This Reason - 05-20


Prince Charles may consider divorcing Camilla Parker-Bowles when he becomes king. The dad of two is reportedly gearing up to take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth II. Milly Haddrick, a journalist for New Idea, claimed that since not everyone supports Camilla as the new queen or queen consort, Prince Charles would be faced with the impossible task of choosing between their marriage or his role in the royal family. Prince Charles and Camilla had an affair while the former was still married to Princess Diana, which is one of the reasons why Camilla has not won the hearts of all Britons.

Donna Wilson: He not only is a disgrace but he and Camilla made Dianes life hell by consrantly rubbing her nose in their affair

Mz.Winchester: he wasn't honest and truthful in his marriage, don't think he'll be any better if he is king.

Henrietta Frierson: Because for one thing you commited ADULTERY.Anytime you step out on your marriage what do you expect? And he was married messing around on Princess Dianna. This woman whom he's married to now may be accepted by many in the community but in eye's of royalty she's what they see as a homewrecker, sharleton, a jezzabell. Because it took the Queen a long time to warm up to her and even start talking to her. please excuse my spelling. I'm only going by what I over herd on British news.

Susie Stuckey: He is a disgrace

Celestine Jackson: he wrecked the home to it takes 2 to tango he knew right from wrong


conna olson - 06-18
I can hear the Theme of the "Game of Thrones" reading the comments.
User from FL - 06-18
* doubt he’ll ever be King... except maybe in his own mind!!!
Stephanie Rose Wolford - Marr - 06-18
I thought prince William would be king cause of his father's actions?
Angie Brown - 06-18
He should step aside and let Prince William become the King! Such disgrace to his sons marrying the 3rd person in Princess Di’s marriage
Marsha Marange - 06-18
Charles needs to step away because he not royal enough for me. Divorce remarry, and now he wants the crown and divorce his wife that to me is not royal. Trim the rules back
Rebecca Tipton - 06-18
leave them alone
Janet Frank - 06-18
If he is willing to divorce Camilla to be king. after cheating on Diana with her. Where is his integrity? He would be a horrible example . Skip him and go to William, a real man with true character. ( thanks to Diana ) Charles certainly isn't...
Cathy Peyatt - 06-18
he should NEVER be crowned , look at his so called character , a cheat , disgrace , regardless of age no one has forgotten , never will it's part of history .I'd hate to see what he does as King , thank goodness I live in the USA !
Nanamel Kaucher - 06-17
i don't know .why I feel this way bt i think that Charles will die before the Queen or shortly after Her and the whole damn thing will go to William and Kate to rule. hey lets face it Charles has overdue Karma to pay fir what went down to Diana
User from FL - 06-17
Megan and Harry truly love one another... Let them be happy.. Think positive for once... Unfortunately Camilla and Charles love one another... I did feel for Princess Diana and loved her very much... It was a marriage arranged that did not work... So sorry she had to pass on.. She deserved more...
Peggy Duey - 06-17
Can’t the Queen skip over Charles as King? He is weak and not respected.
Lori Kahler - 06-17
he got rid of his first wife y not her two he find another one I'll bet
Lori Kahler - 06-17
see when your job more important then your family there is bull I take every thing he owns and more for that move if he get rid of her cause it bull
Gigi Hebrank - 06-17
Gigi Hebrank - 06-17
It's a little late PIG. you over looked the orchid while you were searching for the road!!!!
Linda Chapple - 06-17
I thought that if a royal married a women who was unfit they had to abdacate the throne. That would mean William should become King.
Becky Powell - 06-15
they are both sickened. camilla especially,no both...his own children has to accept camilla,that worst than the devil.put Diana through all that pain and shame.both of them are a disgrace.
Doreen Harris - 06-14
He should be the honorable thing, and abdicate directly to William if he truly loves Camilla that much. Somehow I think that is NOT going to happen. Even though it is the right thing to do.
User from PA - 06-14
I hope Charles will never be the King. I hope Diana’s son will be the king.
User from TX - 06-13
No comment!!!🤪
Rosemarie Comtois - 06-12
Sick of British royalty. Been hearing all this for decades. Boo Hoo!People have far worse problems than who gets to carry monogrammed hankies. ..HRH.
Tia Guilmette - 06-12
Never never never
User from LA - 06-12
Patricia Donato - 06-12
He should never be king it should go to william .
Explosionburger McDoogleberry - 06-07
They should all just eat bung
Beth Whitt - 06-07
I’ll never forgive Charles for what he did to Diana. Camilla will never be Queen in any way in my eyes she’s disgusting.
RebaKay Carlisle-Gurley - 05-31
He is a very weak man. One who publically professes one thing by marrying who the crown wanted and keeping up his liaison with the hag. means he will say anything publically and without honor do as he damned well pleases behind closed doors. HE is the one who doesnt pass the sniff test...with or without Camilla. I personally wouldnt trust him with a pound, let alone a whole country.
Paula Titus - 05-30
why wouldn't he just let William be king?? he's old, no one trust him. wouldn't that solve a lot of problems???
User from NC - 05-27