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Kate Middleton's brother James makes sweet reference to royal baby Archie

Hello Magazine - 29 days ago


The Duchess of Cambridge's younger brother James Middleton is the founder of gift company Boomf, and in a recent email the businessman made several references to the birth of royal baby Archie. According to Daily Mail, an email to regular customers was sent out shortly after Archie's arrival on 6 May, and was titled 'Boy oh boy – that was a surprise." It Read: "It's a royally exciting week to become a new parent (wink, wink). Every parent deserves to have their little prince or princess showered in colourful confetti. Celebrate and congratulate them by sending something a little bit different (we kindly recommend popping over and sweeping up the confetti whilst everyone is sleeping though). P.S Don't worry, no babies were harmed in the making of this video, we promise!"

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