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Drug Dealer Will Serve up to 30 Years in Prison - 30 days ago


A drug dealer will serve up to 30 years in prison after collecting his fourth and fifth felony convictions from two 2016 cases. 35-year-old Jacob Taylor Belford had been released from federal prison for conspiracy to commit kidnapping when Reno Police officers stopped him Sept. 9, 2016 for driving erratically. Belford reached for an officer’s gun belt while being arrested. Police searched his car and found 3 ounces of cocaine, more than $16,000 in cash and a loaded handgun. Belford bailed out of jail that October, and police picked him up on a federal warrant. Police found less than an ounce of cocaine on him and a scale. In 2018 while again free on bail, police said they found Belford with 2 pounds of methamphetamine and less than an ounce of cocaine in the yard of someone else’s home.

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