The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Katie’s Plan Backfire?

TVOvermind - 05-15


The Bold and the Beautiful fans are not sure what Shauna will do. She is feeling some things for Bill, she is loving this new life she is living, and she is loving her swank new digs thanks to the fact that her daughter happens to be a Logan. The entire family is turning to her to welcome her and make her feel like part of the family. They are just sad that she had to grow up and not know their father, and they are sad that she didn’t get to grow up with all the wealth and all the money and the things that it afforded them. And, as a default, they are welcoming Shauna right into the family as well. And she is loving her new life. She’s got money, she’s got prestige, and she is getting the best of the best. But her daughter’s new sister is now asking her to back off of Bill so that Katie can get him back, and she’s not sure.