Montel Williams Says Wendy Williams Has ‘Belittled’ People on Her Daytime Show: She Puts ‘Down People’

US Magazine - 05-14


Ouch. Fellow TV host Montel Williams had some choice words for Wendy Williams. The 62-year-old The Montel Williams Show alum spoke with Us Weekly at the 34th annual Ellis Island Medal of Honors on Saturday, May 11, about the Ask Wendy author’s rough time as of late. When asked whether he had advice for The Wendy Williams Show host, 54, the essence of his feedback for her wasn’t positive.

AnnaMaria Kemp: Wow Wendy experience was not about Karma. In my opinion it just was time for her grow up and out of what's not working in her own life. By practicing what she preaches. She comes to terms with her audience admitting she was wrong. The first step towards reality checking in to clear the air. I applaud her for making adjustments and involving her audience to know her story too. That's not Karma. She was married someone took advantage of a contract now it's canceled.

sharon bartley: Montel needs to take several seats. Wendy show is tabloid. Take it or leave it. That's her brand. But to say its like karma catch her is very mean. Montel's show was a different type of show. Everything can't be the same. Way to hit a person when they're down. Wendy will be ok.

Corey Harris: You reap what you sow

*Duchess Scorpio *: Montel Needs To Have Several Seats🚽🚽😁😁 ***That's Her JOB*** !!And She's Making Her💵💵💵💵💵💵His Show Was Not Always POSITIVE He Should Focus On His Self/Health Not Jealous Are You Montel🤔🤨😄😄

Scott Newman: She's a disgrace. She's now reaping what she has sown. God is not mocked.


User from MS - 05-25
I agree with Mr Jordan
Darcie Carson Mathias - 05-20
Virginia Taylor - 05-17
it's no fun being on the other end of people's joke.and it's NOT karma. she wasn't the one stepping out. but at the same time. i don't agree with her talking about others business. my heart goes out to HER.😢😢😢😢
Joe Hernandez - 05-17
she talks smack about other people to make her feel better about her stupid self
Trey James - 05-17
Really ? This is what our world has come to? Whining. TV talk show Host ,And People who Actually care ? I don't know which one is the Sadder .......
Shemeka Latrese - 05-17
I don't know why everybody is so upset with Montel for giving his honest opinion about something he was asked. Wendy gives her opinion on any and everybody else's lifestyles, relationships, hardships, and misfortunes whether she is asked about it or not and does so with glee! How long has she made fun of or made light of other people's pain and misfortunes? That's literally what she's famous for!!! My heart goes out to her for what she's going through bcuz nobody deserves to be hurt, humiliated, and treated the way she's been treated and especially by someone whom they devoted themselves to and loved for as long as she has and then have it scrutinized and dissected for the whole world to see. But don't be hypocritical when the behavior she's exhibited during other ppls pain and suffering is done to her during her hard times. My grandmother use to say "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" meaning what is good for one is good for the other.
Talara Blakeley - 05-16
Montel you washed up bro. too old
Talara Blakeley - 05-16
why u put god in it because if u so HOLY u wouldnt be watching none of the shows
Talara Blakeley - 05-16
thats her buisness not yours. gossippers
Talara Blakeley - 05-16
na she is doing her show yall are two different shows so why say things like that. She feeds the people wat they want to hear. you should not be talkn about a woman like u soing im surprised at you
Kwanieleo Bleedgreen Eagles - 05-16
What he mad at because his show been canceled. I get on my friends when they say something about Wendy. This is what I say when your at work don't you do your job well oh okay so does she. If you dislike her why keep watching yeah she makes me mad sometimes but I don't go out my way and try to put her down for what what am I gaining nothing. Point blank period she does her job well that's why she us still on the air.
Louis D'Alonzo - 05-16
what goes around comes around
Christine Flores - 05-16
Montel is doing the most..his time has passed ..stop hating... her show is preferred and watched by all her..
T Driscoll Hotbuck - 05-16
Wendy you would be fine I promise you you want to have some fun come to Florida and we would have great fun I love you Wendy don't let nobody tell you anything that would discourage you number one you're beautiful you're successful and all they want to do is take you down
T Driscoll Hotbuck - 05-16
Montel Williams that is not true your show is for Family show to get to the bottom of a family's problem her show is to tell what has happened she can do what she want on her show ( Hot Topics Montel Williams ) that's what it's about get the juicy news stop trying to bully mrs. Williams she have just as more right to say what she want on her show just like you do she has millions of people that watch her show and love it stop bullying Montel Williams it's not fair if you don't like it switch the channe l#team Wendy Williams
Kitkat Tina Marie Holderfield - 05-16
can't belittling people if you're speaking the truth as long as she speaks the truth who cares the whole world doesn't everybody talks about everybody and obviously the shows never gotten in trouble so it must be all right don't be picking up my Wendy it's no different than Full Throttle
B P - 05-16
User from SC - 05-16
Montel Wendy more popular than you I love Wendy keep on telling it Wendy she has more fans than the one doing the talking Wendy is the truth period!!!
Scott Newman - 05-16
She's a disgrace. She's now reaping what she has sown. God is not mocked.
Dorothy Reedy - 05-16
LOL I used to think Wendy William was so messy then I realize she just doing a job. she will go below the belt at times. and the people was hating them for that I even had Choice words to say about her. then I said oh well do what you do to get your paycheck LOL I must say she pretty damn happy decide what's going on with her she handling it like a true Soldier. good luck Wendy William. people going to have their opinion. one more thing no one is perfect.
Casey Martinez - 05-16
Is Windy Williams really a man?
Terrie Mack - 05-16
Terrie Mack - 05-16
Terrie Mack - 05-16
Vincent Esposito - 05-16
Well remember WendyWhat goes around comes around with a FORGETTABOUTIT👍😁👏😅👌
Ronni Johnson - 05-16
Montel cheated on his wife ...and left her for another woman...Wendy does not talk about him....because he is not relevant anymore.
Roxanne Brown - 05-15
Montell Williams shouldn't be pointing a finger also, he's had some hiccups in his life also as does everyone else in this world! I'm glad Wendy is growing and getting herself together, we all fall down at times!
Kelly's angel - 05-15
scott lemoine - 05-15
Hey wait didn't she used to be a man?
Sue Brown - 05-15
shut up montel and go somewhere and cry