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Steve Harvey’s Wife Loses It After He Confesses Secret He’s Kept Hidden For 9 Years

JumbleJoy - 05-13


Steve Harvey is known to be a very funny person and he always make other people happy. He is an American comedian, a television host and producer, a radio personality, and also an actor and an author and he is one of the most successful men in this industry. He has been married three times and he has seven children where 4 are biological and 3 are his stepchildren.

TINA WHITE: I care!! He is a great man!! I don't know what to think about y'all negative people on here. It blows my mind.

Deloies Kilgore: congratulations Steve to the both of you" hope your mother day was great

Tmdamora Damora: stupid story

Joe Shmoe: He was really gonna tell her he wanted a divorce, but choked last minute!

Angel Mitchell: who cares


Bonnie Portier - 15 days ago
steve harvey im white american and i love you your laugh and smile and act you are a funny guy one day maybe i will have the chance to meet you and be on your show and. take your hand
Julie Frindethie - 15 days ago
Watching my nail dry 💅
Catherine Folk - 15 days ago
I'm sorry his wife but I think Steve didn't want to hurt his wife at that time I just hope it can be resolve
Joe surfer - 15 days ago
what a let down.
Joe surfer - 15 days ago
I thought was going to say he fked the neighbor
Lawrence Cutter - 15 days ago
Robin Scofield - 15 days ago
who wrote this? A 3rd grader? The spelling and punctuation are HORRIFIC!!!
User from TX - 16 days ago
Vicki Louder - 16 days ago
Aaaah! My heart is melting!
Cecilia Williams - 16 days ago
💘 steve his a realist and have came a lonvg way from homeless to fame
Betty Parker - 26 days ago
. you know our world is in a bad shape with the Terrible Weather we've been having terrible news on the TV it just seems like people are losing their minds why don't we just end up in our business and let everybody else handle their business and I believe things will get better I know I'd appreciate hearing good things instead of bad things but I do understand that you have an opinion but I do understand that you can keep it to yourself and not tell the world because that really makes us look bad but I will end with saying God bless you all and have a nice day
Betty Parker - 26 days ago
.;nip? nui to be with 6😃😈
Henrietta Frierson - 26 days ago
Lie, Lies, Lies all Lies. This is all fake news.
Niecey NuNu McAllister Congo - 28 days ago
who freakn cares
Brenda Ruffin - 29 days ago
I love Steve..ive noticed that he's more God oriented now.That has brought a change n things n his life.Wen u have God n ur life a lit of negative things will happen to draw up back to the place u once were.I feel Satan is having a field day with him.But, if he an Marjorie stay true to God an each other they will b okay.Its not about how many houses u have.U have a nice one an a roof + family.An friends that r true will b there.I hate they r taken shows from a black man giving them to a white female.To a brother that's a kick to his manhood.It wasn't because he wasn't doing a fantastic job.Steve bought into the network.The network had Monique to come n an downgrade Steve on the show because Steve had bought into the network.They don't care how much money u have as long as u stay n ur place.Just as she told Steve he shoulda come to her,if she was a lady she woulda come to him off camera.That was all a setup.I pray God continue to bless Steve.An he realize Satan's tryn to steal his joy.Dont allow it!!
Kathy Morris - 29 days ago
Beautiful heart! Thank you Steve for honoring your wife; not many men do! God bless your life together!
User from NC - 29 days ago
I love u Steve I ❤️ what u said to r wife he touch me and I believe every word. U r a up going guy they r wrong for taking r talk show and big little shots from u. Its wrong. I u Steve. Continue r GOAL in life. Mary Elmore.
La Tanja Bolden - 30 days ago
this is from last year. it was a very touching tribute. Marjorie was visibly moved and Steve barely made it through. it was a beautiful moment on the show. al moms should be appreciated this much.
User from LA - 05-26
If folks will start worry, tending to there OWN business, leave other FOLKS business alone, this will be a better world. Sweep around your own from door, before you start sweeping others. Love you STEVE HARVEY
User from PA - 05-25
He is a great man 👍
Annette Margaret Blanco - 05-25
Love this couple!! Great to see a good example of a fine marriage!!!
Dave Saenz - 05-18
He's not funny at all
Casey Rhea - 05-16
That was awesome Steve
Nora Zapata - 05-16
Gregory Eubanks - 05-16
all these haters any one can tell you something in private it takes a actual person to tell you in front of the whole world hats off to you Steve haters learn from this
Frank Connolly - 05-15
he lacks a netrual. position as to race he is definitely pro black. in everything in. his opinion
User from MS - 05-15
Don’t care
Sonny Boy - 05-15
he brought her to the show to show everyone what a nice guy he is..not to honor her, you could have honered her at home and not have to show the viewers! a case of "look at me look at me "
John Roberts - 05-15
saids who?
Kelly - 05-15
Congrats to Steve for Honoring his Wife on Mother’s Day and telling the whole world what he experienced before she came into his life! Great man and hope you had a Wonderful Mother’s Day for you Deserve it. All us moms deserve it!👍🤗❤️🙏