’s season four finale answers the burning question: “Who's Da New King Of Hell?”

A.V. Club - 05-13


The more I think about it, the more I stand by my belief that the majority of season four is among the very best episodes the Lucifer has to offer. I still consider “Off The Record” to be the series’ greatest episodic achievement, but that episode was so against format (and a bonus episode) that it’s difficult to compare it to the rest. Lucifer season four doesn’t have bonus episodes, and because of its story, it can’t play with the format that way. But within the standard format of the show, you really can’t get much better than these episodes. On Twitter, I compared Lucifer season two to Buffy season two and this season to Buffy season three. While season two of Lucifer was the first to really nail those major emotional beats and prove what the show could look like as a well-oiled machine, season four has perfected all the lessons the cast and crew have learned since then. It also has the added bonus of trimming the fat and just telling the story.